Sunday, 18 March 2012

Garden Bits & Pieces

Three posts in two days - unheard of. I don't post as often as I used to - nowadays, I try to blog once a week because I have something to say, but this weekend has been busy and I'm going to add to my other two blogs.

The grey weather has melted away and although it's bright and sunny, it's still chilly out - fresh!

I managed to spend a couple of hours in the garden this afternoon messing about, but I have put up four things in the garden which I'd like to share with you. 

The first is my Green Man. Now this is the second Green Man in the garden, but as this one is made of wood, I have put him in the greenhouse with a grand view of the north of the garden (the other Green Man is overlooking the south end of the garden and is hardy so he's outside). Thanks to Linda.

The second is a set of wind chimes made of bamboo which I've placed next to and underneath the bird table. This will not interfere with the birds flying to the table but will put the cats off from sitting underneath the table. Thanks to Linda.

The third is a lucky horseshoe which I have dedicated to the garden Elementals (fairy folk and their like who look after the garden and the environment.) Thanks to Chris.

The fourth is a wind sphere with a dragonfly in the centre. Although the picture isn't very good (my mobile phone) the sphere is enamelled metal and goes round and whilst doing so, it glitters and makes beautiful patterns using natural light. Thanks to B & Q.

I've tried to position them so that they can be seen and enjoyed from the house.

Hope you've had a great weekend.

Chat soon



  1. What a lovely selection of garden ornaments.

  2. I love your Greenman, I have one which is a plaque and looks down my garden. Your other ones are lovely too.

  3. Hi MorningAJ
    Many thanks - very kind, they're quite subtle enough not to be overbearing

    Hi Jarmara
    He's quite a character isn't he? I'm glad you have one - they are so important and remind us about the value of the environment.

  4. More than décor tho' I perceive, looking at how the green men are placed. :)

    Funny you mention the faerie folk, as I make wands. Not for money, I hasten to add, that wouldn't be right. I just hate to see a good piece of hawthorn, budlii, elder or oak go to waste.

    Besides, it amuses me to see peoples puzzled reactions when they get what appears to be a stick with comprehensive instructions.

    Wands come with great responsibility. It doesn't help my rep as a practical joker goes before me. Sadly.

  5. Oh the detail in the Green Man ! Handsome fellow indeed but then again I like all things bearded

  6. Hi Wheelie
    Yes you are perceptive and correct about the Green Men. I never knew you made wands.

    Hi Donna
    I used to have a bread and when I lost all the weight a couple of years ago, I shaved it off.