Friday, 12 October 2012

Make a Friend Happy Today!

A slightly angry Humber
I was visiting a local large DIY store on the outskirts of the city today which has a grand view of the River Humber. As I pulled up, the wind was rattling along the river and white horses rolled on the top of the waves which is not a particularly common sight in the Humber on such a bright sunny day.

Part of the Fish Trail
Last week, a friend and I went into the city for a lunch meeting and I noticed some fish brick sets in the footpath  and I was reminded that there is a Fish Trail in the city of Hull for visitors and local alike to follow. Different fish on the pavements allow the walker to meander round the old town using the fish as a guide to see some of the sights. There is an audio guide available and it takes around 60 minutes without stops for tea and shopping! Tours are available starting at the Tourist Information Centre. To book a tour, call 01482 300 300. Anyway, that's enough free advertising for the Hull City Council - they don't do any for me!

I just wanted to say a few words about friendship today without being sentimental or patronising. If you have a partner who is a good friend as well as a partner, then well done, cherish what you have. If not, friends are or should be an important part of your life creating balance and opportunities. I have only realised that in the last couple of years what true friendship means and for me, this has created balance, a different viewpoint, an ability to be my true self and to open my heart to feelings hitherto hidden and rarely touched.

Of course that comes with a large element of trust without which that friendship would probably not work and sometimes, looking around me at different people's lives, it clearly doesn't. People are let down, consciously or by accident, by thoughts, words or deeds which hurt or which are inconsiderately expressed. We don't mean to but it happens. There can be nothing worse than having a trust betrayed. Sometimes it can be mended, sometimes not. 

Either way, I am privileged to have good friends and an exceptional friend. I know that it isn't all plain sailing particularly if, as a friend, you start to play a large part in someones life, but the pathway to being a better person through friendship is important. To be caring, considerate, supportive, loving, understanding and having the skills to listen, counsel, advise a friend for the greater good for everything and everyone concerned is a worthy goal.

If all the world felt that way about a neighbour, relative, friend, people in the community as a whole, wouldn't it be a better place?   

The weekend is upon us, and for the UK, the forecast is not bad and I will be gardening, composting some bedding plants, sweeping leaves off the grass and cutting the grass if its dry enough (raising the blades somewhat because it isn't growing too much having had a couple of frosts already). I will also be working with my brother in law compiling a photo-book from the recent Diamond Wedding celebration of his mum and dad. 

Finally on this busy weekend, I am seeing an old friend for coffee to have a natter as we haven't seen each other for a while and meeting another friend to do some mediumship exercises with guides, friends and relatives from the other world.

Whatever you are doing - enjoy it.

Chat soon



  1. Lovely photo of the Humber, an area familiar to me from many years ago RLS.

    I totally agree about friendship - I could not manage without my dear friends - they are a very important part of my life and I hope they remain so.

  2. I love the fish bricks! You are so right about friends. It has taken me many years to find people I can trust enough to come close to. Being let down by people who you should be able to trust made me put up walls,so I know just where you are coming from. Writing has give me something in common with new and interesting people so I now feel safe with the new friends in my life I can let go of the ones who caused me so much pain.

    Have a great weekend, Stephen

  3. Rare, I have very few close friends but the ones I have are dear. One is 88 and still writes me several times a year. I once dated 3 of her five sons (no, not all at once)She raised some fine boys!

  4. Hi Weaver
    I think the Humber once seen, particularly if you have time to peruse it is never forgotten.

    Hi Paula
    Thank you so much about your comment on friends, wise words about letting go too!

    Hi Donna
    What a lovely story and what a delight still to keep in touch by letter - a forgotten and dying art! Wow - sounds like a fascinating part of your dating life!