Saturday, 27 April 2013

A Walk Out

A friend and I went for a walk on the Beverley Westwood a couple of days ago to get some fresh air, mingle with the cows and watch the sunset. Mingle with cows? Beverley Westwood is pasture land granted to the towns people as far back as the 13th century just to the west of the market town of Beverley in the East Riding of Yorkshire. It boasts a golf course, a racecourse, a disused windmill and... cows, a fair few of them.

The light was too poor to capture a good clean photo of the cows, but the sunset was spectacular enough. This rolling landscape is a source of much pleasure for a whole range of the community, for walkers, joggers, families, golfers and Sunday picnickers providing you look out for evidence where the cows have been.

I visited another racecourse last week, possibly a slightly more famous one than Beverley - York. A mind body and spirit fair took place in the Knavesmire stand and I took good friends Linda, Helen and Phil to have a leisurely walk round the many demonstrations, exhibits, shops and therapists. We took in two lectures and a lovely packed lunch on the racecourse which is beautifully kept and manicured and again used by many sections of the community for gentle leisure.

I've cut the grass today and it's looking remarkably good considering after it's first cut it was looking dreadful. The Green Thumb people have been round and put some fairy dust on it and it's looking green and the moss has all but gone. I'm not doing flowers this year, I can't afford it and don't want to give the squirrels the satisfaction of digging them up. I've ordered some mini lavender bushes for my fountain and that's about it. Hopefully the perennials will provide some colour.

Last night I went to see a band called Celtarabia, a local band playing a mixture of Celtic and Arabian music and other folk genres as well at the local town hall where I live. This was an exciting evening with wonderful entertainment. This group of musicians, including a bass guitar, drummer, dulcimer, percussion and hurdy-gurdy player I went with friends. I'm not a pub person. For the last thirty years barring the last few, I've never had money to spend in pubs or beer or nights out so I suppose I never got into it at all, but recently have been a few places and seen some decent entertainment and I will try to see this band again. People were dancing to the music and there was drink available although most people bought their own. 

Here's a little short video sample of the performance, the sound quality isn't brilliant, but if you've never seen a hurdy gurdy - here it is!

Chat soon



  1. Cows? Are you sure they were cows rather than steers or sucklers with calves - up here there are no cows out yet - no grass to speak of.

  2. Mowing the lawn? I traded in the lawnmower for a concrete mixer years ago and never looked back.

  3. Hi Weaver, I have asked my friend and also reviewed a couple of photographs of them that didn't come out very well and I have to say I am embarrassed to have to admit I appear not to know the difference between a bull and a cow! You are absolutely right - I need a more rounded education.

    Hi Jim, there is merit in that to a degree, but i'd miss the smell of newly mown grass and it gives me an excuse to get away from her indoors