Sunday, 17 November 2013

What the Papers Say

Rushes and reeds highlighted in the low autumnal sun
The first real signs of winter may be coming to the UK next week around Tuesday with more widespread snow. The Scottish highlands, as would be expected have already had some - the rest of us are getting some of our own. Oh joy and it's still only November; having said that, snow here at this time of the year is not as rare as people think.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to review the Sunday papers on BBC Radio Humberside this morning on Andy Comfort's Sunday Brunch from 10 am to midday. It's something I am invited to so occasionally and it's thoroughly enjoyable. Andy is a wonderful host and professional presenter who engenders a relaxed atmosphere mixed with great music and a bit of fun.

The secret to reviewing papers is picking a story about which you are interested - not necessarily knowledgeable about, and treat the whole thing like a chat with a mate over a cuppa. Pick a mix of serious and off beat stories of broad interest as possible. Give a precis of the story, give an opinion if you have one and don't swear! I always go fairly early to give myself plenty of time to read the eight or nine papers that are presented to me and I scan them all from front to back looking for headlines and stories that people may be interested in.
Local tree with leaves highlighted by the low powerful autumn sun
I have no idea what the demographics are of the audience to this station nowadays, but they are not at all young I guess, but they are knowledgeable about music and local issues and are very loyal listeners. The radio station recently won the Sony Radio Station of the Year (300K to 1M listeners) award. No mean feat.

My stories today were:

Sunday Telegraph - Children in Need

£31 million raised for good causes and although I never saw it, the writer comments that it was one of the best Children in Need BBC shows she had seen.

Independent on Sunday - Superbugs

This was a disturbing story based on a report in the Lancet that we as a race of people facing having infections which are resistant to antibiotics because we use them too much. An unnamed doctor is quoted as saying the public and doctors need educating - "...just because you're ill, do you need a pill?"

Sunday Times - Pricier Christmas menus in the home

Based on 15 items average price across four supermarkets, some items have gone up 125% over last years prices and the 15 items in total have gone up 17%. Higher animal feed and imports as well as a lack of supermarket promotions are blamed.

Mail on Sunday - Stamp of honour for literary giant Trollope

Anthony Trollope is to be honoured with a set of stamps to commemorate him. This literary giant also had local East Yorkshire connections because he worked for the Post Office in Hull for a short while and initiated a failed bid to become an MP in the 1860s for Beverley, when the campaign he fought in was riddled with corruption and it was investigated. He was also responsible for the introduction of the Post Box in the UK. 

Sunday People - Jimmy Greaves top 50 all time footballers

This famous footballer rated John Charles as his all time number one footballer who in 1957 was sold to Juventus by Leeds United, one of the first foreign transfers, for the princely and record sum of £62,000. George Best, Booby Moore, Bobby Charlton and Stanley Matthews also appeared in his top five. 

Sunday Express - Doctor Who's 50th anniversary

The paper listed all of the Doctors and a brief history of each although they forgot to name Peter Cushing as the Doctor in two films.

A bit of fun to lighten a Sunday followed by a lovely lunch with a friend. Christmas card writing  tonight and perhaps wrapping a couple of presents.

Chat soon



  1. What a great mix of headlines! Children in Need? Don't watch but like it because it raises for British children (doesn't it?) Superbugs? I heard this story a while ago now and am not surprised really - I try to go to the doctor as little as possible,bearing in mind I go every six weeks or so for one clinic or another! Pricier Christmas menus? Don't really do Christmas, just me and Himself so we eat what we want, and if that's egg and chips, so be it - no stressing out here. Trollope? Never knew that about him so I learnt something today, thank you. Jimmy Greaves? Well, as long as George Best is in the list, that's all right - I met him at my late Uncle's house in the early 60s, as a teenage girl with this story to tell at school, it raised my profile no end! Doctor Who? Can't stand it!
    Interesting little post, nice to read on this gloomy Monday morning where the light levels are lowest they've been daytime for a while.

  2. Hi Edwina
    Thank you for your great take on the subjects, I would love to hear the George Best story!

  3. The George Best Story - since you asked.... my late Uncle Bob was the sports editor of the northern edition of the Daily Telegraph based in Manchester. A hugely popular man, he was friends with Sir Matt and the rest of the Man U team at the time, amongst other sportsmen based in Manchester. He and my Aunt Joan and their two (prissy) sons lived in Gatley, in a gorgeous Tudoresque large house. My parents and I had driven over from Lancashire one Saturday to visit, and whilst there, GB turned up as he often did apparently. My uncle knew he was coming and sent me to open the door... imagine my surprise when there stood my bedroom wall poster! Lord was he ever handsome in the flesh, so to speak. I got his autograph, have it still, because I knew my fifteen year old peers at school would never ever believe my tale. I can remember it vividly, fifty years on.
    End of the GB story....