Thursday, 15 October 2009

Seven seconds of bliss

I hope the world is treating you all well this mid week in October.

After some period of apparent inactivity, I came home to find Colin the Model - you remember him - the modest one, trying to improve his physique on the ProTrainer using the half kilo weight. I don't know if he is trying to say something about my pitiful endeavours, but if he doesn't want to end up in Woollies window without any clothes (if you get my drift), he best be tactful about it. I don't know how he even got in the garage, the door is really stiff.

Brother in law and I were planning to take some long exposure pictures of the bright lights of Hull Fair this week, but the weather is against us with low cloud and mist, and getting close or in the fair taking pictures is problematic so hopefully if the weather lifts we may get some nice pictures to display for you.

I went to the quacks this morning and when I left him to go to work, I had my headlights on - the time? nine-fifteen. It was grey and miserable. I noticed that when I put my headlights on, the sat nav went into night mode and I couldn't read it, even though it was daylight, albeit murky daylight.

Did I say my knee was playing up? It's been really painful for about six weeks after a session one night on the treadmill when I was very tired and not in the mood. I went to my good friend Linda's house last night to work on my meditations which have been less than fruitful or beneficial in recent weeks and by coincidence, Linda happens to be my
Shiatsu back therapist. I sat down, gingerly, and she asked me what was the matter with my knee. After the end of the meditation session, she sat me on the floor with my legs out straight and felt my knees (lucky me).

My right one, she said was fine, the left one (which was giving me some pain) had slipped out of position after I presumably twisted my knee even though I can't remember doing it.
Anyway after about seven seconds of manipulating it, it went back and other than some muscular tenderness around it, it's now pain free. Just shows eh? Six weeks of pain, seven seconds to remedy it. Losing weight undoubtedly helped to minimise the pain because there is less stress on it - ironic that it should cause the pain (through exercise) in the first place.


Anyway, I thought I'd bring you all some culture and I looked at the works of the mighty Confucius. He was a philosopher and thinker, as you would imagine and he was born as far back as 551 BC in China according to legend. His work influenced many far eastern countries such as Japan, Korea, China and Vietnam and it majored on governmental morality, social relationships, justice and sincerity. Thanks to Wikipedia for the info. Here are a few lines (best said in a fake Chinese accent):

Woman's charms like a spider's web - lead to flies undoing;

Man who drive like hell bound to get there;

Man who keep feet firmly on ground will have trouble putting pants on;

Man who live in glass house should change in basement;

Man who want pretty nurse should be patient;

Better to be pissed off than pissed on;

Man who leap off cliff jump to conclusion;

Man who put head in fruit drink get punch on nose;

Man who handles privates all day not necessarily sergeant;

...and finally to show Confucius not sexist:
Girl who sit on jockeys lap get hot tip.

Chat soon


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