Sunday, 1 November 2009

Amazing Mugenkyo Drummers

White rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit, welcome November the ninth month in the old Gregorian Calendar hence novem, Latin for nine.

I have had an extraordinary experience last night (Saturday) at the Hull City Hall watching the Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers. Two and a quarter hours of stunning entertainment with drumming of the most incredible timing and dexterity from the performers producing a unique sound I will never forget. If you get chance to see this troupe wherever you are in the country, please don't hesitate if you want to be royally entertained.

Six drummers and one dancer provided unashamed theatre with a hint of fun as well as a spiritual edge, deeply embedded with culture of the far east, particularly Japan. The audience was spell bound and were rewarded with a quarter of an hours worth of encore before leaving me exhausted and thrilled to make my way home.

The set was simple, uncomplicated and the varied drums, large and small as well as their ancillary instruments were moved about by the performers themselves to make room for their athletic performances throughout the night. The drumming represented 'traditional' drumming music as well as modern and audience participation toward the end was encouraged by the use of hand clapping and feet stomping. Breathtaking brilliance.

Visit their website at (for some bizarre reason, I cannot for the life of me make the link work through this blog, please type it in your browser.)

Have a great November as we look forward to St Andrews Day (30th), Advent (last Sunday), Remembrance Day (11th), All Saints Day (1st), Thanksgiving in the USA (fourth Thursday), as well as the month long awareness campaigns for pancreatic cancer, Alzheimer's, lung cancer, national youth homeless month and dedication to Holy Souls in purgatory in the Roman Catholic Church.

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