Sunday, 6 December 2009

Appeal for all Missing Single Socks

What is it with scissors? All I want is a pair of scissors to cut something and I go to the drawer and guess what - not there!

The routine is that I will eventually find them in an obscure place that I definitely didn't leave them and I'll put them safely in the drawer only for them to disappear again. A few weeks ago I even bought a pack of three different sized scissors from Sainsburys and two of those pairs have gone walkabout. The kids say its not them and that must be true. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!

I have decided that what you see at the movies must be true and that we have a Scissors-Stealing Elf (SSE). This Elf who's 'elping hims'elf is obviously from the same family as the Single Sock-Stealing Elf (SSSE). Although I've never worked out how they do it, the socks definitely disappear between the clothes basket in the bedroom where I put them and the clothes basket in which we put clothes that come out of the tumbler. The only place the socks are left unattended is in the garage whilst waiting to be washed; perhaps they sneak in under the garage door in the dead of night?

A mystery indeed.

As I look out of the window, the sky is clearing and the sun is shining after two days and last night of heavy persistent rain. If all this rain continues and gets turned into snow when the weather gets really cold - we are in deep trouble - literally!

Christmas cards have started to arrive - well two anyway so I must really get on with sending mine - but so much to do. The other half is working today so I am hoovering, emptying bins, tidying and cleaning the kitchen and to boot, the house is generally untidy because we are decorating and the rooms are full of furniture and other bits and pieces from the room we've emptied. The good thing about it is we can have a good de-clutter and clear out of rubbish accumulated over the years before we put it back - the shredder will be working overtime.

And that's when we find bits of paper and other things we have mislaid and lost over the years and wondered where they had gone! We might even find a stash of socks and scissors!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Chat soon



  1. ah ah, then you need the socks reunited gadget
    Josie x

  2. I thought I sussed it when I got a scissor block and placed it strategically next to the knife block in the kitchen. The block is always there ... the scissors aren't always ... and there's only me so no-one to blame but the cats.

  3. Hi Josie, I'll have a look thanks...


    Hi Diane, cats can be very clever, and they look so damned innocent!


  4. I have lots of them, some escape from the wash basket - Others appear months later in a different draw. Some are never seen again & some take on other partners \lol