Friday, 25 December 2009

Fairy Nuff

A very merry Christmas to all ye who enter here.

So far (her indoors is at work) I've hoovered and tidied through, set up the table for tonight's Christmas dinner, done the vegetables, been next door to take the twins birthday cards and had a coffee, turkey is in the oven, pigs in blankets made, it's just about lunch time and the kids are not even out of bed!
Just me, chirping budgies and the drooling dog (the fish make very little noise - they are no trouble at all.)

Ho hum.

Traditions are an important facet of Christmas, and there's a tradition of having a Fairy on top of a Christmas tree you may not have known the background to.

Santa Claus, many years ago had a meeting with the Chief Fairy and decided that having a Christmas tree would be a fine tradition. Santa gave the Chief Fairy millions of trees and told him to distribute them to bring light and cheer at this dark time of year and to remind people of the Christian celebration.

The Chief Fairy came back and told Father Christmas that there were still loads of trees left. "Take them to the hospitals," he instructed with a smile.

The next day, the winged wonder came back and told Santa that there were still many many trees left. "For goodness sake, take them to all the orphanages," he said, slightly irritated.

The following day the same thing happened - lots of trees left and Santa scratched his head pondering where to take them. "The old folks homes!" an annoyed Father Christmas said having to do all the thinking himself.

The Fairy came back and said to a now, angry Father Christmas, "We've still got loads left, what on earth do you expect me to do with them?"

And Father Christmas told the Chief Fairy what to do with them and that's why today, you always see a Fairy on top of a Christmas Tree.

Have a good one

Chat soon


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