Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Nights are drawing out...

I think winter might be here. The above pic is a view from a door near the office which I have to say is pretty boring but the sight was pretty at the time.

The weather is set fair to continue in this style save to say that I've noticed that today there's been a stiff breeze about which has made it feel chillier. My other half has rang both sets of elderly parents today to see if they need anything and they seem to have fended for themselves very well and it's crystal clear that they value their independence and a little bit of white stuff is not going to keep them indoors. Good for them - I think!

I went to Hornsea to see friends Barry and Shirley Ann on Sunday afternoon and the weather was a bit grim but not as bad as it is today. We briefly visited Hornsea Golf Club just about dusk and it was a magnificent site looking toward the west at the setting sun behind the trees and casting a blue greyness across the virgin snow on the eighteenth green. That's the time I wish I'd had my small pocket digital camera which I usually carry around with me.

One of the disadvantages of living on the east of England is the north easterly breeze off the North Sea which, when it's in that direction normally comes straight off the continent or the Arctic - freezing in a winter. Even in a summer when the land is hot, the on-shore breeze often spoils it and takes the edge off the temperatures. But then, would I want to live in the west of the country and put up with the Atlantic weather fronts that bring all that rain? Not particularly.

Roast Beef tonight - one of the advantages of her indoors having days off in the week and with this weather a welcome meal on these cold nights. I'm just not looking forward to getting the heating bills. Having said all that, the nights are drawing out... the sun is setting around two minutes later tonight than it did last night.

What's the difference between snow women and snow men? Snow balls.

Keep warm

Chat soon



  1. I love that picture - my kind of scene.

    You keep warm and safe too.

  2. Thanks for the comment Diane. Beautiful sunset tonight - the sun was huge as it sank below the horizon and I had nowhere to stop the car to take a pic. Hope you've managed to get the car out of your drive. Main roads here fine, side roads - a skating rink.
    Take care.

  3. Thank you (Tiger) for your post - if you exist. The translation, the best I can find is as follows:

    "The weak waiting for an opportunity, the strong manufacturing time".


    This phrase appears on hundreds of peoples blogs when you Google it - all of Chinese origin.