Sunday, 17 January 2010

What's in your little black book?

The sun is shining - thought I was in a dream. As I wrote this line, I looked out of the window - and yes it wasn't my imagination.

I had a fascinating day yesterday on a course and as a result I now have a certificate in Reiki to the first degree (there are three degrees). Pronounced 'ray-kee,' it's an old and simple method of hands on healing. Roughly translated, Reiki is 'universal life force energy' and helps to heal at all levels: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and helps the body heal itself.

Although based on a more ancient form of healing, Japanese Kiko, this was the result of a quest by Dr Mikayo Usui born in 1865, a Buddhist monk who was studying healing and realised that the problem with Kiko was that the healer's energy was completely depleted during the healing. The resulting Reiki method allows the healer to tap into the body's own pool of life force energy to facilitate healing.

I now have to keep a diary, for the next 21 days at least, outlining my experiences at cementing Reiki exercises into my every day lifestyle and self healing in preparation for the next degree which should be interesting. I've never kept a diary although my youngest children do - well done them. This blog I guess is a sort of public diary of musings, laying bare the private soul and giving away secrets of thought, but I would never have the patience or perhaps time to do one on a daily basis and I'm not sure what the benefit would be other than recording a life for posterity for a time after my death.

I don't think I've done anything that warrants being in someone's little black book, but if you keep a diary, let me know why you do it - I would be fascinated to know.

Diaries have made people lots of dosh over the years. Anthony 'Tony' Benn has kept extensive diaries some of which he has published but then he has had an interesting, active and busy life. Alan Clark wrote a very revealing diary of his life in the Thatcher governments and of course there are the famous Anne Frank diaries; the short diary of a life of incarceration of this young displaced German born Jewish girl awaiting inevitable capture by the Germans in 1942/44 Amsterdam.

Looking on my bookshelf, the only diary I have is Kenneth Williams posthumously published diaries (edited by Russell Davies) and I can imagine why he wouldn't have wanted them published during his life time. This was a man in emotional turmoil living a dark and lonely life and his comments were vitriolic and often confusing and gives away the difference between his public persona and what he really thought of his colleagues in the world of show business. Yes there is plenty of evidence to show his intelligence, wit, observations of humour, life and people, but by goodness he told it as he saw it.

Soup for lunch today because despite the sun, it's still very chilly and we need internal warmth, then it's off to Sainsbury's for some shopping. I'm in London for three days next week, so I need some provisions and toiletries for the trip.

Hope you've had a good weekend so far, enjoy what's left of it.

Chat soon



  1. I keep a diary and it is only used when I am really unhappy and I need to write stuff down to make sense of it. Sometimes I need to write in it several times a day and then weeks and months go by and nothing is written.

    All my unhappiness is usually man related (usually just 1 man at a time) so maybe I should learn that actually I am happiest not in a relationship.

  2. Hi Auntiegwen
    Thanks for sharing that fascinating insight why you use a diary. I am sure that if you go months without entering anything into the little book, that shows a lot of happiness too. One day girl, you may not be needing to write anything in it at all.
    Take care