Friday, 3 December 2010

Batten the Hatches

I've decided to batten down the hatches and take cover this weekend. I've managed to get through shitty roads every day, cope with idiots who don't know how to drive in the snow (or don't care) and not have to dig myself out (just) of anywhere.

We don't need to venture abroad to the shops or look after relatives who are all nicely catered for. So perhaps apart from some drive clearing in the morning after tonight's predicted snow, the warm fire and a couple of good books await my undivided attention.

The snow today however, ignoring the negativ
es, has been nothing short of spectacular with Christmas card scenes everywhere and the car clock on the way home at 3 pm today showed it to be minus 5 degrees Celsius.

Cars are still covered in more than a foot of snow and all the main urban roads despite gritting and snow ploughing have packed ice on surfaces.

If you have seven minutes to spare (what else have you got to do this weekend?) enjoy this brilliant piece of film about the old fashioned way of getting trains through adverse weather conditions, from 1963. Remember British Rail?

promised I thought I'd post a picture of my two older kids and their cousin from next door, who, with a little help from brother in law next door, build a six foot igloo in the back garden yesterday afternoon.

It dawned on me that way back in 1988, 22 years ago, another igloo was bui
lt in the garden of my former home and although I can't find it, I have a picture of my older son playing in it. Nothing changes - they're all big daft kids - thank goodness!

Keep warm and safe this weekend and enjoy the views outside (preferably from your living room).

Chat soon


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