Thursday, 2 December 2010

'Snow Joke

How boring can this be, but the weather dominates our lives here in the UK at the moment. We're just not used to dealing with extremes of weather.

I spotted the lead picture first thing this morning (10.00 hours) out of my office window. There had been a brief thaw and the snow had started to move off the roof before refreezing. As a consequence, the icicles had moved inward making an interesting spectacle - horizontal icicles!

People are digging their cars and themselves away from their drives, car parks, kerb sides, interchanges and anywhere else cars can get stuck. It's great to see people walking. I saw a bus this afternoon pull into a bus stop to drop off and when I passed again ten minutes later, the driver and passengers were digging it out. Instead of staying on the road which was clear and stopping, the driver pulled into a foot of snow at the kerbside adjacent to the bus stop and got stuck!

The second shot was of the River Humber about 12.45 hours today (Thursday). You may see a similarity with my blog opening title photograph; it was taken from exactly the same place on St Andrew's Quay in Hull.

My goodness these birds are tough. Most of them live on chips thrown to them by customers from the local fast food outlet (I'm loving it!) who park up here to get the often spectacular views across the Humber.

My two older sons, their cousin from next door and my brother in law are building an igloo in my ba
ck garden! I'll post the picture when they've finished.

I do hope you are staying warm and safe.

Chat soon



  1. I'm staying very warm and safe, thank you. Although we did all just pile out to clear the snow for a couple of cars that needed to get out. My arms are dropping off now, but at least one of them will fetch me milk if I need it - the neighbours that needed to get out, not one of my arms ...

  2. Hi Diane
    Excellent, glad you are warm and safe - we have a few who are 'working from home' - I'm not sure what that means, particularly when they rely on the computer and they don't have remote access, but hey - this doesn't happen very often does it? I've cleared the drive this afternoon having left work early, and it's all covered again in just a hour of snow and hail!

  3. Hope the igloo is finished down there - expect your weather is similar to ours up here - cold, cold, cold. Keep warm.

  4. Hi Weaver - The igloo is indeed finished and what a great job they made of it... they actually sat in it with candles. I'll post some pictures tomorrow. The snow today has been the heaviest this week and tonight we've had another three inches!
    I hope you are all keeping safe up there.

  5. Staying safe -- and warmer than you are. But being the pampered people that we are, we're complaining about our cold nights in the upper 40's and daytime highs in the 60's. Have had to have a fire as well as the furnace. Our houses aren't built for cold -- open floor plans, lack of insulation etc.

  6. Hi ChrisJ
    I've come home early through trecherous urban main roads and the daytime temperature at 3 pm is minus 6 degrees - and that's in sunshine!
    Take care