Saturday, 22 October 2011

Blank Canvas

What a lovely pleasant day today. It's been sunny and, for the time of year, quite warm. I managed to have lunch with an old friend, Ian, at a local Italian restaurant and it's great to catch up. Friends are so important.

Today is the first time I've had a look at the new fence because when it was finished yesterday, I arrived home after dark and couldn't see much. It looks good but there will be a lot of work in the spring to start to build up colour and life to work with the new fence. After a request - here's a pic of just part of the new fence.

The flowers are now in the compost after being bitten by the frost and are now contributing towards making the soil rich for next year's flowers and plants.

Thank you to all those fellow bloggers who made some comments on yesterday's blog on the issue of Gaddafi.

Chat soon



  1. The lunch sounded lovely and the fence looks great.

  2. Hello Val
    Many thanks - not very exciting news is it really - I wish I had something more interesting to report. However - I am concerned about you needing water wings across there - just seen the forcast

  3. Actually, I've not been in a restaurant, particularly Italian, for yonks. But then, I used to go into those where one had to worry about which knives and forks to use and which order.

    Outside in? Inside out? :)