Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Law of Attraction

 How's the World Treating You? Not only a polite enquiry but a very funny play by Roger Milner (as well as a song I think.) 

I have a friend who has been in some dark places in life and has pretty much taken a lot of hell from life. At the moment, life is a fairly level playing field with some consistency. However, the friend also has some faith. This faith is held in the care of angels and spirituality, but more in the way of angels. My friend has the odd dip and frankly is entitled to have, and despite not feeling well and going for some tests, my friend is coping well and improving all the time. My friend does not, thankfully, hold back on the detail.

So. Your response to my question might be, "I'm bloody awful thanks." Or it might be (my favourite phrase,) "Absolutely average thanks," or it could be, "Smashing thanks, can't complain." I appreciate honesty and I guess I would rather I know you are not right than go on in ignorance and not being able to offer to help.

It's nigh on impossible for most of us to feel positive in such circumstances. A blogger friend has had an issue which is whistling round the mind and is causing stress for my blogger friend for example. Understandable. Completely. But again, there has been the courage to come out and say so.

That give me the opportunity to support where I can within the limitations of my life, time and knowledge about the human condition. I'll be honest and say I've been there and done that and although I haven't suffered dreadful traumas some have in their lives, I've seen so much and felt the tremors in the aftermath.  Because I haven't felt it and experienced it directly involving me personally, it doesn't stop me from helping. What I can't do is offer any clinical advice or highly technical advice using psychology because I don't know anything about those things. But I can listen and murmur words of encouragement and love for my fellow human being.

I generally use the basic Law of Attraction. That's not about how good your make up is or how good you look to a potential partner, it's about mindset. Like attracts like - what you wish for, you get. 

For example, if you constantly say to yourself and to others, "I really don't want to be ill," then the word that sticks in the mind is "ill." This is what you think about and concentrate on. "I'm fed up with being poor," is another example. "Poor" is the driver to how you are feeling.  "I really want to well again" and "I would love to have a bit of spare cash," might be better ways of thinking and so it goes on.

This is, albeit just a couple of words, much more positive and forward looking - looking to the day when you are "well" or have a "bit of spare cash" and the fact that if that is your mindset, you might think about doing something about it.  You've set yourself a goal without realising it.

Easy to say and difficult to do. I know.

Anyway - I hope you are keeping dry. It's rained very heavily here today - all day. 'Sprinkles' the forecast on the Internet said.  Slightly understated. This is a view probably familiar to you of the Humber Bridge which I use as my banner picture at the top of the blog - today at 3.45 pm, it looked like this:

Enjoy the second half of the week - only two days to the weekend!

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  1. I lead a Ladies Bible Study of about 20 ladies. They say they come because I bring it all down so much to their level. And it's true. I try to give them encouragement to know that we are all in the same boat, so to speak. No-one's better than anyone else, not even the pastor's wife -- especially the pastor's wife! We do the best we can with what we've got and the Lord makes up the difference. No-one's perfect, but the Lord abounds in mercy and forgiveness and that encourages all of us.

  2. Rare, I am a slow learner but my hospice pts always reminded me over and over how positive though makes all the difference. One said to her husband "I'm not giving up...I'm giving in" She died a very peaceful death

  3. Thanks for giving me a smile. Something about “Like attracts like - what you wish for, you get” did it. I wonder... How’s the world treating me? I’m a nervous wreck! I agreed, with some reservations, to meet my ex-husband this weekend. We have been divorced for 35 years. He’s flying in Friday and this evening I am thinking I must have been out of my ever loving mind to agree to it! LOL! For one reason or another I never remarried. I have no idea why all of sudden it is so important for him to see me. Maybe he has mellowed and he’s sorry for all the abuse he dished out, which was why I divorced him. So, my mindset is calm down, it’s going to be a great weekend! I hope it works. I sure don’t remember wishing for this!


  4. I do agree thata positive attitude helps in any situation. It is rather like, when teaching children, finding something positive and praiseworthy to say rather than criticising.

  5. Hi ChrisJ
    Lovely words and thank you for sharing. Keep up the work that I am sure is appreciated and enjoyed.

    Hi Donna
    Another lovely story - where death is peaceful and what a really smart outlook that lady had.

    Hi Gale
    I guess everything happens for a reason and I hope your meeting goes well. It's on your turf so you are in control. He should have learned his lesson and I'm sure that you will put him right if he ever steps close to the line. Strong and positive.
    Good luck.

    Hi Weaver
    A solid and correct method of resoning with children (and most people) positive and praiseworthy even for small tasks completed. I think most of us respond so well to positivity.

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