Sunday, 13 November 2011

Grey Weekend

It's been one of those grey raw days today - sky never clears, no sun but no rain either.

Never-the-less, it's been a busy day considering I was intending to rest and do not a great deal. I did the paper review on BBC Radio Humberside Andy Comfort's Sunday Brunch (this link lasts seven days only) between 10.00 and 12 noon today. This is just relaxed fun and a chat using the papers as a prompt. I got three out of five in the weekly news quiz he gives all his Sunday guests and despite some real technical problems the station was having, the programme went ahead using old fashioned DJ skills rather than the electronic all singing all dancing technical approach to modern broadcasting.

The BBC have an initiative called Britain in a Day. I've submitted a time lapse video to them (above), no doubt one of many thousands using a snapshot of my day. Have a look at the site, the result should be very interesting.

Have a great week ahead.

Chat soon



  1. My God, you can move quickly when you want too! Glad to see whoever were on the video kept up the British high standard of a job is never done unless you've had at least one tea break in the middle, before a job is finished. :-)

  2. I was half expecting the Benny Hill theme tune. That's me showing my age.

    Thanks for the link to Andy's Sunday Brunch :)

  3. Hi Jarmara
    That's the trouble - her indoors is expecting everything at that pace now... :( Isn't a tea break compulsory? Hope you are well?

    Hi Wheelie,
    I love that idea and brings back fun non politically correct memories. Unfortunately, the BBC don't allow ay editing or music/captions for the entries for Britain in a day.