Friday, 18 November 2011

To Early for Christmas?

Well, I've gone and done it now. No return from the brink. Precedents set, people surprised and amazed. What on earth am I talking about? My colleague Ellie and I have put our office Christmas decorations up! Here's the proof. We both sit in an alcove at the back of a larger office so we decided just to decorate the alcove where we sit.

I went to see The Adventures of TinTin (The Secret of the Unicorn) the other night and what a thoroughly enjoyable piece of animated nonsense this is. This is Spielberg at his adventurous best with a good story, rollicking adventure - Indiana Jones style and animation to marvel at. This movie is an adaptation of the Belgian comic book series The Adventures of Tintin created by the Belgian artist Georges Rémi, who wrote under the pen name of Hergé. Who remembers the TV series that always started with a man's rather strained, dramatic and excited voice at the beginning announcing: "Hergé's... Adventures... of TinTin?"

The film, quite rightly is rated PG for some violence (nothing graphic), the drunkenness of Captain Haddock and someone lighting a cigarette. This is thoroughly recommended and the whole show was stolen by the wonderful animation and character of Captain Haddock superbly voiced by Andy Serkis. Daniel Craig (007) is excellent and nasty as the villain Ivanovich Sakharine.

My weekend is partly planned because with my 'business' partner Linda, we have our second Angel gift ware stall 'Touched by Angels', this time at the Royal Station Hotel in Hull on Saturday in support of Dove House Hospice, a wonderful organisation.  

Have a great weekend

Chat soon



  1. Christmas before OUR thanksgiving ?!?! Oh great, now you have given me the bug. So much for feeding livestock, I've got a tree to cut and trim and string with popcorn. My whole day SHOT because of you.

  2. I was always puzzled by the quiff. I decided that the under-age driver got it from driving a Merc.

    Used to watch Tin along with Flash Gorden at the shilling flicks, along with Bugs Bunny and some idiot who couldn't tie balloons together for toffee. That and unmentionables thrown from the balcony down the back of my neck. Sigh, good times :)

    Squark! Christmas lights? Already?

  3. No Chritmas before December 1 (or Yule, in my case) and decorations down on Boxing Day.