Saturday, 10 December 2011

Chilly Day Blues

I hope I find everyone well and in the northern hemisphere coping with the colder weather? Hardest frost of the year for us this morning and even now at 12 noon, there is still a lot of frost where the sun hasn't reached. The leaves above are in the road outside the house.

A shopping trip to Sainsburys this morning made me laugh (other supermarkets are available to laugh in). We use Clover 'butter' because it's quite versatile although I prefer real butter. A 1kg tub of Clover (which we normally buy) was marked at £3.70. Buy two 500g tubs for £3.00. I always thought buying bigger saves you money? Now there's no blaming Sainsburys here, it's all clearly marked but it's a good job we check the pricing labels first. 

The Christmas tree goes up this afternoon and I'm going to take a time lapse film of the event to astound and astonish you (gives you something to do - don't complain.)

The berries are in abundance this year. Don't forget this is because of a good spring rather than a bad winter predicted but the birds don't care, the blackbirds are eating them like they are going out of fashion.

How's your preparation for Christmas going? Do you celebrate it at all? I've mostly done now (my wife doesn't celebrate Christmas) I just have a few cards to write. Most of the few prezzies I buy are sourced on-line and delivered to the door. The rest I get from the supermarket when I'm doing some shopping. The tree is the only 'decoration' we put up - the good thing is there's less to take down. My mistake this year was not to do some prepared hyacinths because coming down in the morning to the most delicious smell known to man (well this man anyway) is a lovely experience. 

On Sunday (11th), I'm taking the Angel goods stall to an 'alternative Christmas gift fair' at the Memorial Hall in Beverley in East Yorkshire. We were pre-warned that the hall does get cold even inside so I'll be wrapping up!

Enjoy your weekend.

Chat soon



  1. Lovely photos. I hate writing Christmas cards so I keep it to a bare minium.
    The tree went up on Thursday, it's a holy day here. We don't usually put it up so early but everyone seems to have theirs up.

  2. I am afraid that I fall for Christmas hook, line and sinker - cakes made, puds made, pressies wrapped, cards written and posted and decs ready to go up anytime.

  3. Hi Val
    Thanks. I have to say that this year I am so late writing them that I am only going to write close family cards and the rest will not be done this year.

    Hi Weaver
    Well done you. I used to be like that too. Perhaps one day I'll go back to it. My mother is so much better prepared than me and was feeding her cakes with brandy on a regular basis many weeks ago.

  4. Merry Christmas to you Rare! Keep up the blogging and touring next year please ? I so enjoy your take on things