Thursday, 8 December 2011

Hector Christmas

Meet Hector.

He has pride of place in the centre of my meeting table in my office at work. I think I might leave him there all year round. Although a Christmas feeling has yet to emerge, we aren't far away and for the first time since we've been in this house we have a real Christmas tree this year and apparantly the needles do not drop - allegedly. I bought it last weekend and its been stood in a bucket of water for a week and it will be up and dressed on Saturday. Traditionally, one of the lads will dress it (under supervision).

I hope that the people of Northern Ireland and Scotland and northern England remain safe after a report of a gust of wind up to 130 miles per hour in what has been the stormiest day for a long while. Snow and other wintry weather is forecast for the weekend. We've just had gusty winds and a bit of rain here.

Chat soon



  1. Hello Hector!

    My decorations won't be going up until December 17. I get fed up with them if I start too early, and they'll start coming down on Boxing Day. Not all of them - just a few at a time so it doesn't get drab and dreary all at once.

    Cards will go up as they arrive though.

  2. I do like Hector, he is quite cuddly.
    Yes, we have had storms up here and watch out for that storm water reaching the Humber estuary some time soon!

  3. Ooh, gawd, I'm watching my lot run around like chickens. It's like, "If we put the tree up near the window, and the lights on the back window, I'll need to wash, the nets, the curtains, clean the windows, it's the 09/12 already!"

    Meh. I've made my 'mince' for the pies and my christmas mince curlies. Home made Christmas pud is maturing in a cool place.

    Spicy pickled onions are ready, as are the elderberry, apple, blackcurrant, damson jams and chutneys. And combinations thereof. Just a cake to do.

    Just have some pumpkin and squash soups to prepare and freeze. Then I'll probably sleep until January :)

  4. Hi MorningAJ
    Well I have to say I would normally concur wholeheartedly and mine normally go up on the weekend before the Christmas holiday. However the children have 'encouraged me' to put them up earlier.

    Hi Weaver
    Thank you for your kind remarks about Hector - its the sort of face that says 'love me.' We did indeed get the storms raging along the Humber basin but there didn't seem to be much damage thank goodness.

    Hi Wheelie
    I Just love the way you do things. In many ways the prep can be half the fun. We always had home made stuff at home when I was younger - the family couldn't afford shop bought things. Have a great time - it sound deliciously yummy!