Sunday, 5 February 2012

Chill Out and Slow Down

I guess pictures of snow and tales of how it affects us will be plentiful on the Internet - well this is no different!

Our first substantial snow fall for the winter came overnight last night (Saturday into Sunday) and we had about 4 inches (10cm) give or take a cat's whisker. 

I was clearing the driveway with a new snow shovel that we bought a few months ago in the expectation of yet another bad winter and today, it had it's first outing. Lovely neighbours came over and said hello as they headed out for a walk and they had just returned from Spain yesterday, not quite sure which part, but they said the snow was all about them on the hills and mountains and the temperature was minus 1 degree Celsius as they walked along the sea shore in a bitterly cold wind.

Their parting shot as I was leaning on my snow shovel was that they had had an acquaintance a while back who was clearing snow from the drive and he had a heart attack. Just want I wanted to hear! Cheers. I felt like a sit down after that.

Indeed many people have lost their lives after severe and unexpected snow fall in central and eastern Europe with the BBC reporting a loss of over 200 lives. Canals in Venice have begun to freeze over and a town in the Netherlands has had its coldest night for 27 years. Even the sea in southern England had begun to freeze on the shoreline.

And yet we mostly like the snow whilst looking at it through the window. I have a certain attraction to it and I'm not sure why, probably from my childhood when I would spend hours in the snow and not think anything of it until my fingers hurt with the cold through holding onto too many snowballs or building snowmen. But it does cause hardship and disruption; I just wish we were all chilled enough in this country (excuse the pun) to sit back, let life slow down and enjoy it rather than forcing ourselves to travel, to go to work or to the shops or just out for a jolly.

The picture above was taken this morning of my Yew tree and what an unusual shape the snow had moulded the branches into, I've never seen it shaped like that before.

Wrap up warm!

Chat soon



  1. True Steve snow can be most beautiful and i have to admit to building a snowman today and thoroughly enjoying the white stuff, but yes we must pause and think of thos poor souls whose life have been lost because of freezing cold weather ......

  2. Lovely photo. I really don't know how the people are coping with such harsh weather.
    I used to like the odd day of snow we had here in Ireland but after being snowed in for two weeks last year it has lost it's attraction.

  3. Hi Shirley Ann
    Thanks for popping in. I wish I could make a snowman but my hands get so painful if they are in the cold for any length of time.

    Hi Val
    Very kind. It is difficult for some. Have you had any snow or did you just get rain?

  4. lovely photo. we had snow,yesterday was day 9 of the bus strike so hubby was safe and warm at home.

    Josie x

  5. I hate snow. Hate it, hate it, hate it. I have to drive to work in it tomorrow up the M1 and it's a hzardous enough journey without ice and snow and idiots in BMWs and lorries who don't think they have to slow down.

  6. We have had about two inches here in North Yorkshire but it has mostly gone during the day although the lane looks pretty icy now that it has fallen below freezing again.

  7. I absolutely love the stuff, so when Bear needed to feed son'o'mine's cats, I tagged along, much to her displeasure having to hang on to me in a mini blizzard.

    Worth it for having a nice warm Bear to hang on to :)

    It's partly thawed and frozen today. Poor Bear bounced her bum five times while the dog took her for a drag. Won't catch me out in ice.

    Level 3 cold weather warning by the Met office btw. Top level is 4. That means the cold is going to last quite a while, and to check in on vulnerable people.

    Watch those roads mate?

  8. Hi Josie
    Thanks for the comment on the pic. Is there any sight of the end of the dispute?

    Hi MorningAJ
    It is indeed pretty terrfying to drive in especially when surrounded by idiots!

    Hi Weaver
    That's the problem we have here - the slush and wet roads are freezing. Yuk! However the freezing fog on the way home tonight is providing some pretty lanes of frozen trees.

    Hi Wheelie
    I will be careful indeed. The main roads are ok, the minor roads are getting better, but by and large, the footpaths are mostly the same - packed ice - so advice that good lady of yours to be careful

  9. Oh Rare, before I started blogging and then following blogs across the pond like yours, I never gave much thought to the weather in other countries (self centered hag that I am) but when I heard recently about the snow in Europe I did think of you and others. Finally at age 52 I learn to think of others. About time. Glad YOU are well, yes, stay warm. PS Lovely picture of yew.