Sunday, 19 February 2012

Is Spring Upon Us?

There are no twigs on my grass. That's official. The first day in the garden today for about three months give or take a few bob and the sun was shining but my goodness it was cold. I was shocked at the amount of fallen branches and twigs in the garden, but I have noticed that the crows are very active picking budded twigs off the trees for their new nests which could account for a fair bit. 

Neither should I have worried about the spring bulbs coming up, the snowdrops are in flower although they look smaller this year and the daffs are just a few inches tall now although I have seen some flowering nearby. Perhaps the late snow just caused a little bit of a set back. All of the snow has gone now and I've been able to pick up about half a bin's worth of twigs and leaves that have accumulated in nooks and crannies although I thought I had got rid of them last year.  They clearly hide and then come out when I'm least expecting them just to create me extra work.

The sunlight brought new life to the garden today with quite a strange and softer light than the usual low harsh light that winter suns bring.

What makes a phenomenal difference to my current well being is that I travel to work in the daylight and come home in the daylight.

Well it's been a busy old week last week, out every night doing this and that and this weekend has given me chance to recharge the batteries a little and I'm really looking for some warmer weather which the BBC has forecast for later in the week. For now the bitterly cold easterly winds have abated which is nice.

I really do need to start to lose some weight again and not sure how to do it really. I think I'm going to try hypnosis because I have no will power, I have decided.

Although I Tweeted it first before the BBC broadcast the news (I cheated - I read the English version of the Swedish newspaper The Local Sweden ) what about the man who survived two months stuck in his car in a snowdrift in Northern Sweden. Although emaciated and hardly able to move, he survived just on snow and the fact that being surrounded by snow kept him insulated. He was found by two snow boarders. Lucky guy, he should buy a lottery ticket.

Chat soon



  1. Worse, (I read that too) the temps were -30°C.

    Plucky chap.

    Actually, if I may be so bold, the only way I've found to be less rotund is to keep moving.

    Not into disco are you ?

    Hypnosis only works to persuade you where you are at anyway :)

  2. Hi Wheelie
    Of course there is a modicum of truth in what you say - get up and get moving! I've never danced in my life so no thanks.

  3. A modicum? A modicum? Chuckle!

    Not being as mobile as I'd like to be, my benchmark is whether I can see my toes, and anything in between as appropriate :)

    So far, so good.....

    I'm kept active by housework. Usually preceded by "Oooh! Bear!" All that bending up and down and standing on my head with my bum in the air is quite therapeutic. Afterwards.I'm told.

    Joke for you.

    Yorkshireman goes to the vet: "Ayup lad I need to talk to thee about me cat" "Is it a tom?" "Nay I've browt it wi us"

    Sorry. Walks slowly backwards into the shadows......

  4. Yes, losing weight is always a problem isn't it? I did it by cutting out cheese (which I adore), eating more fruit and never buying any cake or biscuits. Green grapes are good for nibbling and a brisk walk walks off a few calories. Good luck.

  5. Hi Wheelie
    Great Yorkshire joke! Trying NOT to imagine you with bum in the air.

    Hi Weaver - I think you're right, small steps...