Friday, 13 April 2012

Spring Forces Way into UK

I hope this week has been fruitful and peaceful no matter where in the world you are. 

There are signs, despite a late surge in chill north atlantic weather, that spring is trying to force its way into our lives in the UK. Bring it on! The rain has helped of course and as the country in largely in a drought situation, every last drop is welcome even though my tan is rust rather then from the sun! The grass is green, the fresh green leaves in the hawthorn are very evident now and the tulips are abundent alongside the fading daffodils.

The marsh marigold in my fish pond is well and truly out and will last well into the early summer with flowering after flowering.

Today I potted fifty petunia palnts that I received in the form of tiny plugs from a famous seed company. So I turned this:

Into this:

In their latest catalogue, they enclose a small sachet of Tomato Powerfood with a  50 pence off voucher for a bigger packet of the stuff. The only problem is the voucher is only valid until 30 September 2009. Cheers.

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  1. Humph. A greenhouse.

    That's cheating. They're for wussus. OUR plants are so tough they only need two twigs and an Asda bag. Non of your 'bags for life' nonsense either.

    They're so anti-green they beat up our neighbours veg patch last week, and left her spuds gibbering in terror. Now those are plants :)

  2. Hi Wheelie
    It is cheating... but I like short cuts and plug plants and greenhouses do it for me. My first ever attempt at growing anything when I first married 33 years ago was to put a few vegetable seeds in trays under a home made cloche. I was so naive - it was still winter - but most survived. I would dearly love to grow everything from seed - after all it is much cheaper and more pleasure/satisfaction, and perhaps once I go part time or retire, I may do the same again.

  3. Must do some gardening this weekend - but they're threatening sleet!

  4. Hi MorningAJ
    The forcast on the BBC this lunchtime was NOT promising in any way, my greenhouse paraffin heater has been dusted off...

  5. Fifty petunia plants? You're going to have quite an array. Are they all the same color?

  6. Hi ChrisJ
    I try to pick a mix of colours because they are going in my fountain so I just want a blaize of colour. I've picked other plants, like some red geraniums to go in a border around the base of the fountain to pick it out. I hope you are well?