Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Fiddlehead Appears

Now this is the start of a new frond on my fern. I always thought this highly attractive 'bit' of the plant was a frond too but after a bit of research, I can now reveal, other than to the botanists among you that this is called a crozier or a fiddlehead. Even weirder is the name for the actual process of unfurling into a frond: circinate vernation. Well there you are, you can now amaze your friends with your knowledge in the pub quiz!

Even more amazingly, there are over 12,000 species of fern and the species is only 360 millions years old, first appearing in fossils from the carboniferous period.

Lovely couple of days here in the East Riding of Yorkshire with sunshine for most of the day once the cloud has burnt back to the coast but at least Spring has arrived at last. Time sort of caught up on me really, I didn't realise that by this time, I've normally got my plants out and I am planning planting out this weekend.

Chat soon



  1. Thank you sir. I didn't know that, but I can see why :) I'm told that ferns (and heathers) make a decent beer at this stage.

  2. Hi Wheelie - That's one I haven't heard, good luck!