Sunday, 29 July 2012

Olympic Fun

It's been a pleasant week weather wise culminating in a very good opening presentation of the 30th Olympiad, the London 2012 Olympic games. Hate is an awful word and I rarely if ever use it. However, I hate all the detractors, the whingers, moaners, spiteful media and people who are just so negative, their ulcers must be on overtime.

Instead of being negative over sport, why don't they sit back and enjoy the spectacle and learn a few things. It is interesting that the cost of the opening ceremony was £27M which is a lot of money albeit it had a global audience of over 100 million. One footballer, sold to Liverpool FC last season cost £35M. For goodness sake put it into context and go and find something else to moan at - or preferably, try and see some good in something.

There were several highlights for me and Mr Boyles vision was very well portrayed. I think one Los Angeles newspaper called it 'very British.' Certainly, and why not.

I got  a little damp today as I cut the grass surrounded by black clouds and eventually a short but heavy shower put paid to the gardening today although this weekend has seen lots of work emptying and tidying our garage ready for the conversion into a bedroom. 15 years of accumulated spider skeletons are hidden in various corners.

I hope you have a great week, and wherever in the world you are reading this from, I hope your Olympic team do well.

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  2. I wouldn't mind if I had a choice about the Olympics. But I don't. Not everyone is interested. Not everyone wants to watch sport all the time and it would be really wonderful to have just one single TV station that promised not to mention it.

  3. It got a bit monotamous for me at times but the ending was spectacular but the Queen stole the show with her Bond skydive! That was fabulous!

    Admittedly, my only events of interest will be gymnastics, synchronised diving, swimming, and equestrian. I'm British, so needless to say who I'm cheering on!

  4. Hi MorningAJ
    I respect your view and even I get a bit fed up with the news headlines being about the Olympics, we don't need that because of the extensive coverage. I also accept your point that not everyone is interested; I suppose the bigger picture is that it transformed a delapidated part of London and leaves a legacy of quality accommodation and an infrastructure and brought in millions in income to the country and a feel good factor that money can't buy.

    Hi Helena
    I thought the Queen thing was an incredible coup for the BBC and lots of fun!

  5. I'm have a fun time know that there are thousands of people enjoying watching the games while I'm busy doing what I enjoy. I do like to know if we have done well or not. I just think it's wonderful that the human race can enjoy doing something together without hurting each other and it was lovely to watch the opening show.
    Good luck with your garage.

  6. Hi Paula
    Lovely sentiments which I applaud.

  7. Do spiders have skeletons?

    I applaud your Olympic views completely. I loved the Opening Ceremony from beginning to end and am enjoying everything I see - Aquatics at the moment. It is just so good to see young healthy people who have given up so much time to their sport.

  8. Hi Weaver
    Well they are leaving something behind! Perhaps just the skin. Not too many flies in the garage, I wonder what they eat? Other spiders perhaps - weird.

  9. Yes, I too am absolutely glued to the screen - amazing athletes, fantastic coverage by the BBC, wonderful crowd and spirit in the Olympic Park - I think so far the whole thing has been such a credit to everyone involved and I love it.