Sunday, 5 August 2012

Square Eyes

A delicate beautiful begonia from my hanging basket outside the front door
I'm not a big TV viewer to be honest, but I've been glues to a bits of the Olympic coverage this last week and was privileged to see Super Saturday (4th August) when TeamGB won a sack load of medals. Today is becoming Super Sunday with more golds so we now have a super weekend.

The BBC have done famously with their coverage which has been very professional with great anchor-people and passionate commentators particularly those on their exceptional radio coverage. The news bulletins have been a bit repetitive with summaries of the Olympics which we don't need but no complaints really.

The real stars are the competitors, win or lose, they have trained hard for four years, sometimes every day in some disciplines for one event. For some, a once in their lifetime event, so well done to them, they all deserve a medal.

In between a bit of sport (and England are playing South Africa in the cricket too) I've been a domestic help this last week. My t'other half has done her back in - quite serious this time with complete bed rest ordered for a few days so it's been all pumps to the hand. I write this as I've finished ironing shirts for next week! I'm not very good at it to be honest, but the result is passable.

Our garage is empty now awaiting the builder who arrives at 8 am tomorrow so we have a few weeks of mess to content with because our 'back room' is being converted after that so no respite. I didn't realise how much stuff you accumulate and store because you think you might need it or keep it for sentimental reasons.  Needless to say, the recycling tip has been busy this week with a lot of junk. With reduced space once the conversion is done, there is less room to store anything, so it gives us an excuse for keeping the place tidy and getting rid of stuff we don't need - or perhaps better still - the lesson is: don't get it in the first place!

My grandfather was a hoarder - his shed was full of useless junk which he said 'might come in useful one day,' but it never did.

Chat soon



  1. I have a husband who says the same. Bless him X

  2. Hi Paula
    It's a man thing I'm sure

  3. Love those Olympics!! Cheers for Andy Murray! As for junk, we've got 40 years worth to get rid of sometime soon!

  4. My love to 'er'indoors. Hope she's sleeping ok.

    I have a super-eccentric super hoarder aged parent. So much so I have a pathological hatred of black bags, flea markets and car boot sales. That, by the way, is meant to you make you feel better :)

    As for ironing. I'm not allowed. Or else. Nor washing either. 'womans work' apparently. For the record, That's Anne that says that, not me. She has me well trained ;)

  5. Hi ChrisJ
    40 years of junk - wow! get it valued - you might find a valuable surprise!

    Hi Wheelie
    We've got rid of a lot - been quite ruthless really. My wife hates me ironing because I can't come up to her standard.

  6. Good luck with the builder, I have to say I'm not watching any of the olympics.

  7. Hi Val
    Many thanks, they are working hard so far which is a good sign.

  8. I'm of the sentimental hoarder kind - and receipts going back let's say, a 'few' years. The big stuff going is always a struggle in my house/garage!

    ps...the basket must be flowing now! Cascade begonia, in any colour, is usually my first choice. Beautiful!

  9. Hi Helena
    I was speaking to my boss about it today and he says his wife is a hoarder and his spare bedroom is so full of stuff, you can just about open the door. Isn't the cascading begonia an absolute delight?

  10. Hoping the Mrs. is feeling much better; a bad back interrupts life dreadfully.
    Visiting from Isobell, the goat...although may be misspelling her name, memory being what it wasn't...enjoying my wander here.