Sunday, 11 November 2012

Busy Times

What an extraordinarily busy week this week both at home and at work. 

There has been lots of tight time schedules to get the converted rooms decorated for delivery of carpets and furniture along side which I am a member of a small team who is creating and planning a Mind, Body, Spirit and Craft Fair in the city centre of Hull. This has been both time consuming and a different kind of task for me but although there have been hiccoughs along the way, with planning for as many scenarios as possible, it is coming together quite nicely.

The Prospect Shopping Centre in Hull has rented us the first floor, known as the Atrium into which we are fitting almost 40 craft stalls, therapists and psychic readers on Saturday 24 November 2012. Years ago, the Atrium was a food court with quite a lot of popular food outlets. The one man owner went bust a couple of years ago and it has lain unused ever since. The centre has stripped it out and it is now a wonderful large clean space and we are looking forward to our first event. If you are around that day, come and say hello.

I've done some travelling too for my work which all takes time, Wakefield this week, an hours drive away and Nottingham next week which is an hour and a half drive away as long as the motorway is clear.

On Saturday, my business partner Linda and I ran a one day course for Reiki students and got them through their first degree of Reiki by giving teaching on Reiki, its background, what it does and an attunement.  Hopefully, they will now go and begin to understand themselves better, start to self heal themselves and perhaps aspire to stepping up to the second degree and become practitioners and heal others. It's a wonderful gentle process dealing with the physical as well as the emotional self and I wish more people would use it.

Work remains as ever busy and the future for the workforce in my public sector job is facing a great deal of uncertainty This is due to unprecedented cuts in public spending including cuts on top of cuts in the financial settlement the Government is about to unleash for 2013/14 which unfairly targets public sector workers and services which the public come to expect and rely on. Difficult times ahead. I am resubmitting my application for part time working because I want to spend more time doing other things and in particular more dedication to my spiritual life. If I could afford to leave work and find a part time job elsewhere, I would. That's not being disloyal to my current job, the people are brilliant and the service very worthwhile indeed, but the pressure being put upon the service (not from the public) is unsustainable and will end up in tears for the nation.

The weather here is now autumnal with night frosts and not too many leaves left on the trees. Most of the leaves are in my garden! Ah well, it gets me plenty of fresh air clearing them up.

I hope you've had a great weekend, enjoy the coming week and keep warm.

Chat soon



  1. I for one Stephen have been very grateful for Reiki though I cannot in the least understand it.

    I agree that the civil service is very much undervalued. It's the quiet voice in the background that's very much under appreciated that keeps the wheels of care quietly turning, whatever the mess the politicians get themselves into.

    When you say difficult times ahead, I get that, but not for you. I'm certain of that.

  2. If I were in that area I would definately attend that fair. It sounds wonderful. Please take many pictures and post will you? We will all need such events as I fear many of our nations will "be in tears" these next few years

  3. You sound a very busy man - but you know what they say - if you want something doing, ask a busy man to do it.

  4. Hi Wheelie
    Like most things, you don't need to understand something for it to work, I am glad it's done you good, it can never harm that's for sure.

    Hi Donna
    Lots of pictures guaranteed!!

    Hi Weaver
    Never a truer word was said!

  5. My stepson lives in Hull, so I'll leave his wife a message on Facebook about the upcoming fair - she's a very creative soul herself so would find this appealing. Good luck with that!

    Organising isn't my strong point but I've a charity gig (bands) - for Breast Cancer Awareness (following a scare!) - to complete for mid-February! I always seem to have some last minute hassles......'s a nippy one tonight, too!