Thursday, 29 November 2012

Fair Weather?

The local gulls enjoying the wet weather at the expense of human ability to exercise and have a game of soccer
November is nearly out of time and the contrasting month of December is round the corner.

I've been ill for a while which has laid me low and has had the effect of leaving me tired and weak, but well on the mend thank goodness. It's the first time in seven years I've taken time off work sick with what we call locally D & V. 

This all came in the week before our Mind, Body, Spirit and Craft fair in Hull. so this created so much more pressure and my three good friends who were organising the fair with me also came down with other illnesses so the additional stress that it created made things very difficult. Anyway four weakened people pulled together with some volunteer friends and we pulled it off. We had a successful fair with a decent footfall with most of the stalls reporting good business.

The Atrium in the Prospect Shopping Centre in Hull, set up and ready for stall holders to fill it up
One stallholder complained about not selling her fresh produce but there was little we could do about that, but overall, a success. Was the effort and stress worth the outcome? Well a lot of people were happy although the owners of the shopping centre did little to help or promote the event which was a shame and for a first attempt at a fairly large fair, I am satisfied with how things turned out. Of course there are always lessons to be learned and if there is ever a next time, I would do things slightly differently. I was asked to put some pictures on and here is a just a tiny selection to give you a flavour.

Tammy with her wooden hand carved at home mushrooms

Home dyed products

One of two live owls which attracted much attention and hugely enjoyed by all who observed and handled them
The weather here has been extraordinary with a lot of flooding in different parts of the UK through extensive and heavy rain showers. People in this area of East Yorkshire are still fearful of flooding following the devastating floods of 2007 and whilst we have a lot of standing water, there were no serious reports of flooded properties. As the weather now settles down for the rest of the week, the clear skies are going to lead to frosts and fog. There was a magnificent full moon last night peeping through the occasional rain cloud and this morning the car was fully iced up! For the first time since they were excavated, the many lagoons that were put in place in the area designed to take the overflow of water from full ditches have had water in them this week.

Full moon rising on Wednesday at dusk
Our building work is now complete apart from the skimming of our hallway and most of the new work is painted and decorated. Rooms are being moved around to be used for different things now and logistically it will all be done and dusted for Christmas.  

Chat soon



  1. Hope you are feeling better RLS. That moon is something. I noticed at breakfast this morning that the moon was sitting on the moor and looked gigantic.

  2. I'm sorry to hear you havn't been well. Hope you feel back to your normal self soon. I wish I could have come along to your fair. I have two of the wooden mushrooms in my garden already but there's room for more.

  3. Organising is a ruddy great hassle but the end results are often worth it. It all looked exciting anyhow! I have plans for a Breast Cancer Awareness charity gig in February, with local bands offering to perform. So it'll be fingers and everything else that's willing, crossed that things will go right!

    I'm glad to hear that plans will be finalised by Xmas - you deserve that big sigh of relief!

  4. Now then RLS, if I may take the liberty, that'll teach you to pace yourself, hmmm? :) Be good to yourself friend. Please.

    I love that moon shot. I wish the moon pics I take with my little Panasonic DMC-TZ7 came out like that. I just get a moonish dot!

  5. Hi Weaver - the moon is an incredible sight when just rising over the horizon or when just about to fall below it, particularly at this tuime of year when the atmosphere is clearer. I am indeed well on the road to recovery, many thanks.

    Hi Paula
    I found them visually very stunning and indeed very natural, but yes, there is always room for more!

    Hi Helena
    Yes it is hassle in many respects but there are rewards too. My business partner and I do healing for HER (Hull and East Riding) BreastFriends a breast cancer support charity on a voluntary basis and they had a free spot at the fair this year. A great charity doing brilliant work.

    Hi Wheelie
    You are absolutely right - I should listen to my own advice sometimes eh? Do you have a little e-zoom button on the back of your panasonic? this will electronically increase the magnification by 30X which is what I used for that shot but you do lose much in the way of detail.

  6. Thank you. It never occurred to me to zoom on a moonshot. It says it has a 12x optical zoom and I think a 30x digital. Though I've had my little TZ7 for some time, I've not explored all it's options. Photography sometimes seems a dark art :)

    I've only just discovered it has a built in slide show with music.

    Too right it's cold. My little weather wireless station seems stuck at minus 0.6 all day. I asked our postie, in short sleeves, if he'd like to step in for a minute "Naw, s'ok" he said, pulling a flask from his bag :)