Monday, 11 February 2013

Look Up

With two of my children and I being interested in history, I have always told them to look up when they are looking at buildings. Look up and see wonderful things, higher up - usually decorative which become a talking point. In Hull, there are many old buildings going back centuries which survived the bombing in the war and there are many things to wonder at and behold.

I don't know the technical terms for these things, but there are many colourful crests and sculptures, carved words and phrases, ornate windows, quaint roofs and tiling. All quite surprising really and gives us clues about the past.

I was walking down the old town in Hull the other day going to a meeting held in an old  converted corn exchange. The exchange itself isn't that old, built in 1899 on the site of a much older building but as is my want, I was day dreaming on my walk down there and looking up to the tops of buildings and I was disappointed to see a buddleia bush growing out of a window moulding on the top of a very nice building. I did think this was a real shame and whilst I appreciate it might cost a few bob to have it removed, why don't people want to protect their investment? The roots of the buddleia must be a capillary for water to drain into the building during the rain.

I was privileged to teach four students over the weekend with my co-tutor Linda Lee for their Second Degree Reiki qualification. This allows them and equips them to enter the heady world of being a Reiki Practitioner.

Reiki is a lovely gentle healing tool using a hands-on technique to channel universal life force energy into a client. The course itself is a sacred event with the disclosure of symbols to the practitioner which when used in conjunction with the healing enhances and gives more power to the healing process.

The age range of the students was phenomenal from a young lady in her twenties, a qualified nurse to a retired public servant.    

The day consists of the theory bit, the symbols and how they can be used and then an attunement followed by a practical where two volunteers come in to be healed by the newly accredited Reiki students.  It was a wonderful day and the feedback was fantastically positive.

The day has been bitterly cold today with a keen easterly wind. We never got the snow that was forecast for us, yet our cousins across the pond got many centimetres of snow on the eastern seaboard of the USA. The office was warm for a change and for the first time since well before Christmas, I haven't worn a jumper inside.

Chat soon



  1. You are no doubt getting the same snow as we are today RLS - it is fine stuff but is putting on a few inches before it turns to rain.

  2. Hi Weaver
    We did indeed get some snow and in higher parts of the county, vehicles got stuck in it, but it was ever so wet and by the following morning, it had largely gone.

  3. My younger sister is a firm believer in holistic methods and rates Reiki in high regard. I'll look into it more.

    .....and I'm always looking up if passing old buildings, especially in unfamiliar towns. Gargoyles are creations of beauty to me!

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