Sunday, 24 February 2013

Switch the Light on

Just occasionally, the light comes on. 

My lad John calls it an 'epiphany'. From the ancient Greek the word means  'manifestation, striking appearance' and some give it a religious connotation - a realisation that Christ is the son of God celebrated on the Feast of Epiphany on 6 January in the west.

I've had lights come on before (usually people say of me the lights on but no-one is at home!) at important times in my life when revelations have become clear, or something important has dawned on me.

The last weekend in January and this weekend just finishing in February, I have undertaken a course in EFT - or Emotional Freedom Technique. The first weekend was a foundation - an introduction to the history and techniques and this weekend, the Practitioners course, more practical use of the techniques we have learned with some additional bolt-ons.. 

I guess before I tell you about the epiphany, it is worth just a few lines on what EFT is. It is a modern meridian therapy, energy therapies that have developed in the last couple of decades yet with its origin in acupuncture and acupressure probably going back now over 3,000 years. Developed by Gary Craig, this tapping technique on the body's meridian points and the use of language is a calming and relaxation technique which stimulates the energy system to relieve stress and anxieties. 

I have long been a firm believer that negative emotions can turn into physical manifestations such as mental and physical illnesses - it disturbs the body's energy system. EFT clears the negative emotions to give someone 'appropriate emotions.'

So that's my layman's or inexperienced explanation of what it is. I will use it to help others. 

Like many therapies, (my other skill is in Reiki for example) the therapist benefits tremendously from self healing for all the obvious reasons really. Being self healed and understanding what is happening to your own body and emotions help empower me to do the therapies with a clearer mind and a healthier aspect to my life.

By clearing some of the negative emotions in our training, some of which have been around for years, I have been helped to see the wood for the trees. My path in life has become clearer. Explanations for my negative emotions, my stresses and anxieties have become known and some of them go back donkeys years yet condition my behaviour and reactions today. 

My epiphany or the light has come on through understanding why I have felt like I have for many years, how I am not going to accept being treated in the future like I have in the past and to have the confidence and courage to face the fear of making decisions for me - and the for the better. EFT has given me the tools to do that and help other people too. I am joyous, calm and excited about the future.

People have limited beliefs which block their progress in life (my teacher said I'd never amount to anything, someone said it wasn't possible to achieve something, i don't deserve it, people like us don't achieve anything in life, good girls don't do that, you'll never marry, you are too ugly, and so on and so forth.)

Emotions can have physical manifestations such as pain, being scared (spiders, dentists, flying, claustrophobia and so on) and EFT can help these situations and clear negativity and put people on the path to a change in their life.

Interesting times ahead as someone once said.

Hope you are keeping warm this winter?

Chat soon



  1. "People have limited beliefs which block their progress in life" That is so true.

    Caring and loving people often find themselves often find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place because they care, and I've seen so many turn inwards to bitterness.

    Magic post mate :)

  2. I totally agree with you that emotions have physical manifestations RLS.
    As to how I am keeping warm this winter - brisk walks and a fantastic log burner. (oh and a wonderful electric blanket.)

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  4. Hi Wheelie
    Bless you my friend

    Hi Weaver
    So pleased you are keeping warm, I LOVE log burners, lucky you