Saturday, 28 February 2015

A Few Weeks Short of a Year

I feel like a young person who's taken a year put of education to see the world, have new experiences, broaden the mind and generally grow up and find ones self.

Just a few weeks to the year since my last blog and the year out has seen many changes, both in me and life in general. Following my separation in December 2013, that process of formal separation in almost complete although for bizarre pension rules reasons, I can't get divorced for the next 5 years or so.

This doesn't stop life from moving on again at last after a hiatus in many of my activities including this blog, I am marching forward again.

I have a new partner, Linda to whom I am tremendously grateful for her support and love - she's the most generous, big hearted person in the world and we are very happy.

My spiritual life in terms of practising overtly has been on hold, but I am now attending a regular spiritual circle again, (not run by me) and finding myself reconnecting with my practises.

The year has seen a lovely holiday in Cyprus, the first time I have ever been and it won't be the last time I go either which was a much needed break.
Aphrodite's rock in Cyprus, her alleged birthplace, although disputed by other places

The people and the country are beautiful with millennia of documented and archaeological history to feast upon and of course, the sun has got a little bit to do with it too! 

Another long weekend in Harrogate in North Yorkshie recently was an extraordinary journey in so many ways and I'm going to write about that, so important was it - watch out for that one.

My lady Linda had a calf muscle tear which was fairly debilitating in the last summer and I moved in to look after her and I've been here ever since and plans to secure our future together are well under way. Marvellous how it all comes together but as you know, nothing is a coincidence, it all happens for a reason. She's fine now and as I write this, she's having a reflexology therapy which she loves and dreamy music is filtering through from the other room!

I still haven't got very good access to the Internet, so this blog is being written in the morning whilst the dongle is still working and getting a signal and that's simply because my computer has no wi-fi access - I'll need a new one shortly I think. I've taken lots of pictures this year and I'm starting to put a few on here again. I miss that. I have a tablet now though and as far as I can tell, I can write on my blog from there using wi-fi. Technological wizard that I am - NOT!

I have moved away from the East Riding of Yorkshire and am now in the City of Hull just four miles from my old home although the countryside is literally just down the road. It's certainly different living in a town, noisier, more untidy, busier, more people, more cars but there are advantages too: access to facilities, less feeling isolated and a walk away from work.

Chat soon

Ta ra


  1. I wondered where you had been. Surprised to see you pop up on my reading list. How could you move away from E. Yorks.?!!....and to a city, no less. Not my cup of tea :) An Australian friend of ours just went up to visit Flamborough about a week ago and sent me some wonderful photos. Glad you are back on track again.

  2. Hi ChrisJ, I'm back! Hope you are okay? I am literally a few hundred yards from East Yorkshire

  3. Hi ChrisJ, I'm back! Hope you are okay? I am literally a few hundred yards from East Yorkshire

  4. OOOH it was lovely to see you pop up on my news feed. Glad all is going well in your world xxx

  5. You're back! It has been along time but it was good to see you when I checked in. Hull is a lovely city, please think of me when you are next near the Land of Green Ginger.
    Best wishes for happiness in your new life.
    Kay in Sydney

  6. Hi Auntiegwen my lovely, hi Kay, great to hear from you both, hope you are both okay?

  7. Hi Auntiegwen my lovely, hi Kay, great to hear from you both, hope you are both okay?

  8. East Yorkshire is were we live only few min walk to the country Cottingham Village