Sunday, 1 March 2015

Paper Man

I am lucky I guess that when I go to the local BBC radio station to do the Sunday paper review,  am allowed to indulge myself with the range of stories I can choose in the many national Sunday papers. It's not a daunting task, you dont even have to have a great knowledge of the subject matter, although it helps to have a point of view - it's just like having a friendly chat with a mate.

The stories I chose were not from the depressing political and Middle Eastern scenarios that are playing large at the moment - I have to consider the interests of a wide more local audience. These are the stories I chose:

The Observer - Here comes the Brits: New acting talent gets its chance in Game of Thrones. 
This is the story of new talent being given a chance alongside established actors in this HBO series.

Sunday Mirror - 8M A&E patients ought to have seen a GP.
A self explanatory story.

Sunday Express - UK is set to spend more on [foreign] aid than our armed forces.

Sunday Telegraph  - Our heroines of the Afghan battlefield.
Following on from the award of the VC, this highlights two females, one a soldier and one an airwoman who have displayed extraordinary courage in the face of enemy fire.

Sunday Times - Menopause costs women jobs, warns jobs tzar.

Sunday People - Spock star Nimoy to be laid to rest in LA

Hope you have a great week

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