Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Decorated Man

We've just returned from hospital today and following excellent and rapid treatment on the NHS, a lump in my partner's breast has proved nothing and she's been given the all clear. An end to a stressful time assisted by positive thinking and reassurance from the spirit world.

I've never decorated in my life to be honest. I've slapped a bit of paint about now and then, nothing too artistic and I wouldn't describe that as decorating as such.

However I now have the distinction, being a late fifty something year old Yorkshire man to have hung my first roll of wallpaper. Hold the front page! In my temporary new home, we needed to paper the kitchen. It is anaglypta so no pattern so it was not too dificult to put on the wall, the bubbles were a bit of a bugger, but they went up after some practice and cutting round the light switches and windows was tricky, but it got done and looks pretty decent. Thank you Linda for teaching and being patient.

My mother was a very good decorator , she doesn't do it now and my uncle Les is an exceptional decorator so I have seen it done before and I guess it helped. There's a bit more papering to do and this time with a pattern of sorts and plenty of emulsion to slop about so I'll be happy with that.

My grandfather, my mother's dad who is long deceased, a Londoner and a First World War veteran used to sing for me when I was a child the following song "When Father Papered the Parlour," and here is the chorus:

When Father papered the parlour
You couldn't see Pa for paste
Dabbing it here and dabbing it there
There was paste and paper everywhere
Mother was stuck to the ceiling
And the kids were stuck to the floor
You never saw such a bloomin' family
So stuck up before

Penned in 1911, you have to hear it to appreciate it.

We've been to the cinema recently to see the Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, the sequel and for a change, the sequel is as good as the original. British film at its very very best. It also shows what a wonderful rich cultural country India is.

Take care

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  1. I remember that old song, but don't remember who sang it -- want to say, George Formby. We also went to the Second Marigold and thought as you did -- every bit as good as the first one. Going to buy the DVD when it comes out. I want to see it again.

  2. I too remember singing that old song, usually around the piano at family sing songs. I remember reading a claim that Rock & Roll put an end to singing - I can't even hear the words,let alone sing them, so perhaps that is why we rarely hear people singing, or even humming along.
    As for wall papering you have my congratulations, I tried it once, now paint is my friend...
    It is good to have you back,
    Kay in Sydney

  3. Thank goodness your partner has the all clear :)
    I've found when wallpapering, if you let the strips soak in a bucket of water first you don't have nearly so many bubbles and it is easier to smooth them out :)

  4. Hiya ChrisJ - it was long before the fabulous Goerge, but he may have sang it. Briiliant film, I agree x

    Hi Kay in Sydney - I bet the kids had to get the sheet music or guess most of it when R & R first came out! X

    Hi Diva - thanks for your kind comment and for the advice re the bucket x

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