Saturday, 28 March 2015

Father and Son Stroll

My son John and I went for a walk in Hull's old town on his return home for a visit on Friday. It was a nice blustery day and still cool in the late March air. We like bimbling around, looking at the architecture and chatting. We visited the new foot bridge over the River Hull which connects east to west and the view up river looks like this:

The Arctic Corsair, now a museum
The Arctic Corsair was built in 1960 in Beverley in East Yorkshire, once a prolific shipyard and is the last surviving Hull sidewinder deep-sea trawler. Although she has been a museum since 1999, she saw action in the 1970s in the so called cod war and in 1973, broke the world record for catching cod and haddock in the White Sea. 

The anchor, now a home for roosting pigeons
The next stop was the Wilberforce House and Museum which had some new exhibits. We also had an average sandwich and a slightly less than average cuppa at a local cafe.

Then a quick look in Hepworth's Arcade in the old town at some vinyl records before home for a cuppa, the first time John has visited my new home.

Hepworth's Arcade with its lovely vaulted glass roof
Dinsdale's Joke shop, it was old when I was a kid
The kitchen I decorated with Linda is finished bar putting a shelf up and we did rather a good job, me being a first time wallpaperer! The bedrooms next, mostly painting this time but some papering is still required - I'm an expert now! 

I was very disturbed to watch the news about the Germanwings plane and the reason for its demise. This will worry a lot of people who are nervous about flying. My thoughts and prayers are with the deceased, their families and friends and the rescuers who have the thankless task of recovery.

Chat soon



  1. Hello Rare! good to see you blogging more, I had wondered about you. Life is full of changes, some awful, some wonderful all moving us towards something bigger and I believe better. It does sound like you're happier and that is always a good thing.

  2. Hi Donna, a delight to hear from you. Life is getting much better thanks. Once I get onto the internet proper, I can get rid of this useless dongle and do some serious blogging once more. The mobile blogger facilities are very poor for editing. xx

    Hi Kay from Sydney - unfortunately Kay couldn't get through to post a comment - thanks Google - but she kindly sent me an e-mail with what she would have put: "Thank you for sharing your walk with us. Hepworth's arcade was where I had the worst coffee I have ever tasted, but then bought kippers in the adjoining covered market and they were the best ever. I hate what has been done to the shop fronts in Whitefriargate, but love to walk through and look at the upper Georgian windows and stonework. Lovely memories."
    Thanks Kay xx

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