Thursday, 26 February 2009

Diet Tips Required...

I once asked my wife how I could lose 25 pounds of ugly fat. She replied far too quickly, "Chop your head off!" I was watching the BBC news yesterday and a report on obesity and as I am clinically obese and don't normally like to watch such programmes, I did take particular notice of one woman who had lost a lot of weight: she said, "You don't see many old fat people, they've usually gone by then." Hmmmmmm. I have asked my wife who has a little more time on her hands these days to consider planning for a diet again! Having reached the 'dangerous fifties' I have to take action.

"I went on a diet, stopped all drinking and heavy eating, and in fourteen days, I lost two weeks!" Joe E Lewis

The problem I have is that when I am determined to do something I do it. That's fine, but the trouble with dieting is (years ago, I lost three and a half stone through dieting) once I've taken the weight off - keeping it off. A change of lifestyle is needed which is more problematic than it first seems. I don't know if you've ever noticed that it can be quite expensive to diet - reasearching and buying the right foods, organising and planning meals and then fitting them in.

Listen to the language: 'The problem is...' and 'The trouble with dieting is...' and '...more problematic...'

I am not talking myself out of doing it, honestly but my other half will have to take responsibility for us both, we both need to shed some weight. Before - it was just me on the diet so the family ate snacks clandestinely, had treats behind my back, openely ate packets of crisps etc. That will have to change, temptation must be removed! I heard on the radio the other day that they had brought out or are bringing out a new drug which when used alongside a diet can help shed pounds although it does have side effects the report said that was not approprate to talk about in polite conversation - what, what?

So what kind of diet? There are hundreds: some controvertial; some superficial that can be found in a woman's magazine for example; some advertised on the television but cost money to join and be monitored - I haven't got a clue. All my grandparents were thin at my age and I once put that down to a healthy wartime diet - in fact there could be nothing further than the truth - a wartime diet was horrendous. What made them thin in the war was hard work, worry about whether they or their loved onces would survive tomorrow and a simple but poor diet, particularly for those unable to grow their own vegetables for instance.

So I'll stick to the old diet regime that we had a few years back and for which my other half has kept the paperwork and see how it goes. I don't want to weigh myself to get some baseline data from which to work, but I'll bite the bullet and do it with my eyes closed.

I once got onto a speaking weigh scale at a local station; stood on the scale, put the money in and the machine said, with a sarcastic tone, "one at a time please!"

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  1. You could try throwing the diet book in the bin and take responsibility for your own weight-loss my dear friend.
    Stopping eating the wrong food is just like stopping smoking, drinking or giving up any addiction. Unless you can find the root cause of your obesity. You will pile it back on again in a very short space of time. See your mate Barry who may just have the answer - LOL