Sunday, 28 June 2009

Hello followers...

Welcome today to a new registered follower, although Val (Magnumlady) has been following my blog for a while and if anyone wants to read a hugely enjoyable blog with wonderful pictures, visit Magnumlady from Ireland - guaranteed common sense and a giggle. Welcome.

If you are not a registered follower and just logged in at random - welcome to you too.

I am blessed with only a few but quality followers to the blog like Val, for example Josie from a Yorkshire lass with that quality of having the ability and skill to create great items from leftover fabric - something really interesting and I admire. Always loads of quality photographs and concisely written - always an advantage in any blog.

Middle Aged Gapper, a fellow Yorkshireman who is coming to a turning point in his life, retiring from an honourable profession and embarking on a journey of intrest and personal discovery (including getting his first tattoo at 50.) His writing style is a joy to read and never fails to make you think and again with subtle observational humour.

Barry, another Yorkshire person has just begun writing a blog and because he is so busy with his work life with long days he hasn't had time to get into the routine, but as a well qualified Emotional Freedom Therapist, (EFT) he has lots to give when his blog starts in earnest as I am sure it will.

Well it's been a fine, warm, balmy and cloudy weekend in the East Riding of Yorkshire and we have only seen anything of the sun until this Sunday late afternoon; too little to get a tan here although my lad has just come back from Alton Towers in Staffordshire with sun-burn!

Yet again all the weather forecasts and Met Office severe weather warnings of heavy rain and thunderstorms have proved inaccurate as we haven't had a drop. There's certainly a trend for forecasting the absolute worst case scenario at all times so presumably they are covered, but it doesn't help us mere mortals who still rely on pine cones and seaweed to plan a days activity. If they get it right only 20% of the time, why don't they forcast what they don't think will happen and they'll get a 80% success rate in forecasting - if only it were that simple? I know it's not an exact science yet and they do their best.

You probably know from previous blogs, I like words and how they work, well today's story just shows how how quick witted you can be to make the best use of words:

Two married men Bill and Fred were sat having a beer after work. Bill said, "Have you ever said one thing when you meant to say something else?"
"What do you mean?" Enquired Fred.
"Well the other day I was getting a train ticket and instead of saying 'two tickets to Pitsford', I said 'Two pickets to Titsford.'"
"Ah, I see what you mean," said Fred. "Last week, I was having breakfast with my wife and I meant to say, 'Pass the sugar' and instead I said, 'You've ruined my life you bitch.'"


Chat soon



  1. thanks for the write up - I'll recommend a blog to you
    she's brilliant!
    Josie x

  2. oops nearly forgot Twiggy - she's from Yorkshire as well
    and Jennie ( falling down the rabbit hole) & Natalie - (summer by the sea) - both from North Yorkshire and Diane 'Diane Parkin' from Barnsley

  3. Thanks for the kind was rocket science trying to work out how I could follow your poor old brain was frying!