Friday, 2 April 2010

Come in number 214 - your time is up...

A day inside today on this Bank Holiday Easter Good Friday. I've got two one-ton bags of bark to put on the borders and a ton of top soil to get on some other borders and fill some holes in the grass but it's windy and COOOOOOOLD so I can't be doing with it today. Sunday looks a better day according to the BBC.

Rain is due, that's the dilemma but why do today what you can put off until tomorrow. Instead, I'm going to treadmill for an hour, and start to put the skeleton together of a non-fiction book I've been asked to co-write with some good friends Barry and Shirley Ann. My dearest is in bed today, she's on nights so I can't make any noise outside shovelling bark - can I? (You're supposed to say 'no of course not!')

I was at a social evening last night held at the house of a friend who is a psychic medium and she invited a number of other friends of a 'similar mind' and it was a very nice convivial evening in a huge turn of the century Victorian townhouse which had once been a hotel.

This is my 214th blog and just for fun and to pass the time this morning, I thought I would randomly Google '214'. Hmm, pick the bones out of that - Wikipedia tells me that Cattallus defeated the Goths at the lower Danube in 214 a.d., and the defences of Rhaetia were reinforced, in the form of an uninterrupted stone wall. Fascinating - thought you ought to know.

'Central 214' is a restaurant in Dallas USA, and gene:214 is an activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule - of course it is. District 214 is a township high school district in Illinois, USA and a form 214 is a discharge paper in the USA military as well as being a diesel-electric submarine developed by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft GmbH (HDW).

Finally, and there are many other mind-boggling examples of the use of 214, it's a United Nations Resolution of 2004 relating to an International Strategy for Disaster Reduction.

Well I hope you feel better for knowing that 214 is being used well and not wasted as a random number doomed to obscurity.

It's 10.15 am and I can hear the first of the three sons stirring upstairs, so I guess I better start looking busy (not that this encourages them in turn to become busy - far from it), but before I go, a bit of philosophy from American humourist or as the Americans say, 'humorist', Jack Handey:

"When life hands you lemons, make lemonade, pee in it and serve it to the people who piss you off."

Have a great weekend.

Chat soon



  1. mmm, perhaps we should invite the neighbours round for a drink over easter ;-)
    Josie x
    ps) thanks for voting for Millie

  2. Happy Easter, the weather has been lousy here too....typical, but at least the snow we had during the week has stopped.
    The psychic evening sounds great.....and I love the lemonade idea :)