Friday, 16 April 2010

Funky Squirrel

The weekend is upon us and it promises to be warm and balmy on Saturday and half decent on Sunday. The youngest son is on his way back to university tomorrow and I'm taking him back first thing in the morning so I can get home just after lunch and enjoy the day. I've even cut the grass tonight (Friday) so I can sit and enjoy the fruits of my labours on Saturday afternoon before I start the task of cleaning out the fish pond.

I've put a quick 30 second video I took today of a squirrel (with whom I have a love hate relationship) on the bird table stripping it of the peanuts I put out for the smaller birds. Fortunately there is enough wild bird seed left for the LBT (little brown things) to keep them happy.

Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are.

Chat soon


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