Tuesday, 6 April 2010

A Yorkshireman walked into a bar...

I rang my wife at home today to tell her that I am being sent on a couple of residential courses at work. The first is in County Durham and I said this with a passable County Durham/North Eastern accent. The second course is in the Midlands and I told her this in what I thought was a passable midlands accent - she thought it was more akin to Liverpool accent to which I am mortified because I can't do a passable Liverpool accent.

The Yorkshire accent is both interesting and if you are from the Hull area, lazy and not very pretty - erm... the accent, not the people.

As an example, there's an old joke about a Yorkshireman who takes his cat to be neutered. "Is it a Tom?" asks the Vet, "Nay lad, it's in this box." (It will spoil it if I have to explain it.)

Another Yorkshireman's wife dies. He ordered a tombstone for her grave and when he went to the mason's he ordered a simple inscription, "
She was thine."

Some days later he went to inspect the stone and the inscription read, "
She was thin." "Nay lad, thou art got it wrong. Tha's missed the 'E'."

A few days later he went to inspect the stone for the final time and the mason had changed the inscription to, "
E, she was thin."

Have a great week - albeit a short one - wahaaaaaaaaaaay!

Chat soon



  1. You'll just have to pretend I'm saying this with a Brummie accent, but hop on over to my place cos you've won an award. :o)

  2. ooh if you're near Leicestershire pop round for a cuppa with your auntie x

  3. Hi Diane
    So many thanks - it means more than you realise.

    Hi Auntiegwen,
    I've spent many a happy hour in St John's Narborough and spent too much money at Fosse Park. My course is outside Coventry in darkest November, so I'll pass the front door I imagine on my weary way down the M69.

  4. Very Funny! She said with an Essex accent, though her roots are in Yorkshire.lol