Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Coincidence or Reason?

Those of you who follow this blog will know that I am a Spiritualist and I refer to it occasionally but tonight, I'm going to devote a blog just to an incident which you may (or may not) find interesting.

I attend a psychic circle every Tuesday run by a very experienced tutor, clairvoyant medium Shirley Ann Summerwill in Hull. I take my drawing materials because I enjoy psychic art and am fortunate enough to be able to draw dead people who come into my imagination and normally they are recognised and taken by those for whom they are drawn. They are pencil drawings, often done in around five or ten minutes.

Last Tuesday I drew a man who came to me from the world of Spirit who, in life had a straggly beard and I noted certain things about his life, where he worked, his mode of transport to work, what he was like in life, the era he lived and the relationship he had to a person still living - their father. I even discovered as evidence, that he had been watching over his child in this world and had observed them 'umming and ahhing' about whether or not to get rid of a wooden chopping board.

Sadly, at the time no-one at the circle could recognise him at all, yet the image of him was vivid and he gave me some good checkable evidence. I wrote the facts on the bottom of the drawing of the man should I ever need to refer to them again, which was unlikely. Whilst disappointed, at the end of the night I put my pad and the picture of the man back in my bag and departed for home.

Last Friday night, I had previously arranged to do a Tarot card reading for a lady in a nearby town. Before setting off, I put my Tarot cards in my drawing bag and set off. What you need to know is that other than my circle, I NEVER take my drawing bag out of the house - ever - unless I am going out to do some sketching (usually on a nice warm summer's day).

Indeed the reading went well with an evidenced link to the lady's Grandmother in Spirit. At the end of the reading which went so well, although very happy with it, the lady expressed a slight sadness that her father had not come through - someone to whom she was very attached and loved a great deal.

For a reason I can't explain, I asked if her father had a beard to which she replied that he had. I reached for my bag and withdrew my drawing pad and showed her the picture I had drawn on the previous Tuesday. I have no idea why I did this or what prompted me to do it.

You know what's coming - Indeed, it was her father - quite clearly. Not only was the drawing of her father, but the facts about him were absolutely right. I had drawn him four days earlier for no obvious reason because no-one at the circle could take him. She had even been trying to decide whether or not to get rid of her wooden chopping board!

Spiritualism never ceases to amaze me and more often than not there are less than obvious explanations for coincidences and strange things happening, never-the-less I believe that they normally happen for a reason. I was delighted that the lady was reunited with her father who she so much wanted to contact again and I can't explain why the world of Spirit chose to do it this way, but she is now in possession of the picture and has it with my love.

I don't charge for Tarot readings, I ask that the sitter donate a sum they think suitable directly to their favourite charity if they think the reading was okay. I am pleased to say that the Heart Foundation will be a few bob better off as a result of the reading.

Not a remarkable story perhaps but one which gives me a glow to know that someone has benefited from a reading facilitated by the world of Spirit which for me always has four vital components: compassion, hope, truth and whenever possible, checkable or recognisable evidence.

I hope your week is going well.

Chat soon



  1. Namaste, I have enjoyed following your thoughts and will continue to do so.

    We tend to loose sight of the fact we are consciousness not body or ego " I ". The noosphere speaks beyond the illusion of time and space. Such synchronized evidence is a beautiful and clear message of ONENESS. God dancing with God in the eternal moment of NOW.

    In Lak' esh, my brother, eternal love is the only truth...

  2. crikey, yes an interesting post, I believe in things like things but not as yet had anyone
    'come through' to me which is surprising as we
    (me and hubby) have more of our relatives on the other side but little things happen which cannot be explained...
    Josie x

  3. Hi Christopher - thanks for your kind comment, I agree that time in the Spiritual world is not linear and living in the NOW is excellent advice.

    Hi Josie, thanks for commenting, have you ever had a reading? Might be worth going for one and see what you think. I agree there are many unexplained things on the face of it... I always look for the rational explanation and more often than not there is one, but occasionally...

  4. Well now, there's odd. I'd known since I first started following your blog you were a spiritualist.

    For some odd reason spiritualists recoil when they meet me. I'd always put it down to that many years ago I was a preacher, and it was somehow objectionable. Prejudice is a funny thing and often, I feel, is indiscriminate and has a scatter-gun approach. Great pity.

    I consider myself a rational man, but I've (in my opinion) conducted many, many exorcisms. Go figure :)

  5. Hi Wheelie - strange that they should recoil from you on the preacher issue, I've always found it an all encompassing faith with the only real antagonists towards it from high church Anglicans and Jehovah's Witnesses. Rationalism is of course the right approach, always look for the rational first. I would be interested in hearing your stories on the exorcisms, I've assisted a small number of troubled Spirits to the 'light.'

  6. Look forward to that RLS. I'll look through my journals, and make some notes. Might take awhile :) I agree about taking a rational approach.

    Question - my encounters - none of them online, with spiritualists have been negative and uninvited. For instance, a neighbour I've never met, asked me to stop whatever 'I'm doing' because it was interfering with her meeting.

    I was watching BBC News. Confuses the heck outa me.

  7. Hi Wheelie - I give up - we're an odd bunch I guess... It's up to the medium 'in charge' of the meeting to come up with arrangements with their guides to prevent any interference... Nothing to do with you.