Thursday, 4 November 2010

Which Clint Film Rocks your Boat?

I cried today. Not for long, not publicly and recovery of dignity was quick and unnoticed. I watched tonight, for the third time, Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood, picture (above) from here. One veteran Americans dream going to rat-shit as his neighbourhood changes beyond recognition and his view of modern day kids is one of despair for the future of the country he fought and killed for.

He has his faith restored eventually by the actions and attitude of two kids who are his neighbours, brother and sister, one of whom tries to steal his car, but he comes to trust and like them but ultimately, he pays the sacrifice for wanting nothing but the best for his community and for those who restored his faith in youth.

The character teaches us about the futility of revenge, as well as what can be achieved through compromise, hard work and effort.

The film is produced and directed by the great man Eastwood and the fact that the Academy never nominated it for one single Oscar drew fierce criticism from film critics and the public alike.

Eastwood I guess is a film hero of mine because he has achieved so much in his life and has brought so much to audiences for so many years. He loves his art and is competent both in front of and behind the camera. It's really difficult to pick favourites. He is like a number of actors of his era who always play themselves. Sean Connery is another classic example of that ilk who plays himself - always.

Gran Torino comes in the top five of my personal favourite Eastwood films, Escape from Alcatraz, Pale Rider, Space Cowboys, Every Which Way but Lose, Dirty Harry and perhaps Million Dollar Baby are in there somewhere.

His list of awards is impressive; however he has only won Oscars for Best Director/Best Picture for
Unforgiven in 1992, Best Achievement in Directing and Best Picture for Million Dollar Baby in 2004.

What is/which are your most memorable Clint film(s) and why?

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  1. Sadly RLS, I am not really a watcher of films. But I have popped over after reading your response to my flood post. It occurred to me that our little beck, which flows into the Swale, then the Ouse, then the Humber, probably sends it water past your doorstep. In theory I could make a little paper boat (remember making them as children?) paint it in jolly colours (waterproof of course), stick a flag on the top and let it set sail outside my door. In theory, I stress, it would pass your door too - wonder how long it would take - of course we will ignore it getting water-logged or caught on a branch! We certainly have a very good connection, don't we?

  2. Hi Weaver
    A perfect natural connection, albeit one way and indeed it will pass my front door eventually. Through a previous job, I did some calculations of flow of the Humber for an object that would be dropped into the water. Because of tidal flow, an object moves out seaward seven miles per day and as the tide comes back in, it would return five miles, therefore moving out to sea a grand total of 2 miles per three tides. There are however many variables including your branches, waterlogging and getting caught on any of the many sandbanks.
    How about giving it a go either with a boat as you describe or a bottle with an appropriate message on either and see what happens?

  3. I watch lots of different films over the years, but I did enjoy 'Dirty Harry'. I've just watched 'The Shipping News after reading the book the film was good, but the book did win out over it.

  4. Thanks Jarmara
    Interesting choice and Dirty Harry was a very popular film.

  5. I love all Clint's work - If pushed I guess "Dirty Harry" - It kind of gives a naive view of what some believe is Justice as in "Make my day sucker"

  6. Hi Barry, true indeed - quite a moment in film history that film...

  7. Having just read your reply above RLS I must say my boat would travel pretty quickly on our beck, slower on the Swale, slower still on the Ouse and then by the time it got to the tidal bit it would be up and down like a yo yo. Interesting stuff though.