Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Foggy Business...

November fog and frost greeted me this morning in what turned out to be a sunny day in Warwickshire.

The course is not getting any easier and today's subjects were around performance management and resource and demand management. The days are so long and the content of the course is largely front loaded - lots of talking from the course tutors. We have exercises to do based on the day's subject and there is a big exercise which we are working on during the week which we have to present on Friday morning before we depart for home.

I've done my 'homework,' got changed and after tea, which is served at 6 pm., I'm going to toddle off into Coventry, well the outskirts anyway to watch a film, Burke & Hare with Simon Penn. Now this film has had some average or poor reviews, but having seen the trailers, I am really happy with obvious comedy when it's done well and the production values look good, so I'll report on the film tomorrow; I just need a break from the rigours of this ever so steep learning curve!

I'm not sleeping either at the moment and I'm not sure why, but I'm hoping that the venture out in the fresh air and change of scenery will help.

I was delighted with the announcement today that Prince William will marry Kate Middleton in 2011 and I wish them well. I hope dear readers you will forgive me for this comment, but I hope that the couple will learn from the mistakes that we made, as a nation, of how we handled Diana, Princess of Wales. Having Diana's ring on her finger will be a reminder what Kate must avoid in allowing the media to pry, magnify, dissect and analyse her life in minuscule detail. The country would never forgive the media for a repeat performance.

The final picture today greeted me as I left the classroom, and although you'll have to click on the picture to enlarge it, there was a line of dancing dolphins in the clouds, much clearer than the picture has turned out.

Chat soon



  1. I expect a strange bed, too much brain work during the day, too much sitting and listening and a lack of your normal routine are all contributing to your lack of sleeping. Hope you don;t fall asleep during the film!

  2. Hi Weaver - I managed to get through it without nodding off. Your assessment is quite correct I'm sure, were it not for the fact I have to be up early, a couple of glasses of vino mucho collapso would be very welcome and might help the snoozing process.