Thursday, 24 February 2011

Light in the Darkness

My son tells me that his colleagues from his workplace in York (North Yorkshire, UK) saw the Northern Lights last night (Wednesday), as predicted by scientists. I've had a look out tonight and despite a warm night (well no frost anyway) and a clear sky, I can't see much at all through the light pollution, just the odd twinkling star.

I recall about 1993-ish seeing the sky turn purple one night here in Yorkshire and thought it was a fire somewhere only to read in the papers the next day it was the Northern Lights. Some pictures of the Northern Lights can be found here at the BBC.

Like many I guess, I am watching with horror the scenes from New Zealand south island following their second earthquake in five months, this one more devastating than the last. My thoughts are with the families of the deceased and the community there who will take many years to get over this disaster. My line manager was in Christchurch airport waiting for his flight home when the earthquake struck and he says they never felt or heard anything and only found out about it when they landed in Australia four hours later.

Amazing. He had been to see the Cathedral only 17 hours prior to the collapse of this great building and had lunch at a cafe opposite that is now under rubble.

A work colleague today pointed out a 'Christian' web site in America who blamed the disaster on homosexuals citing it was God's revenge upon them and society for allowing homosexuality. If it wasn't so fundamentally serious, it would be laughable. How any right minded modern Christian worshiping a loving and forgiving God could think such twisted thoughts I have no idea. I pity them.

My last week module of my three week leadership course looms ever near and next week, I shall be ensconced near Coventry in the Midlands for four days where my colleagues and I put into practice everything we have learned about leadership and business. I am both excited and nervous. Work is so busy at the moment that I can't really afford to take the time off, but hopefully the longer term benefits for me and the organisation will bear fruit. I have already learned so much.

Looking forward to the weekend!

Chat soon

Picture by Varjisakka courtesy Wikipedia


  1. How strange someone would blame an act of nature on God punishing a group of people. I wish you lots of luck for next week and look forward to knowing how you got on. I'm sure all your hard work will reward you.

  2. RLS mate, those chuff 'eads aren't Christians.

    'Nutters'is probably more colloquial. It's pure bigotry. But bless you for the kindness of your description.

    Worst of all it ignores and dishonours the horror of the loss of hundreds of people, their extended families, and the hardship and memories all those people will have to endure for generations.


  3. I have been looking for the Northern Lights all week but we have never had a clear sky yet.

    Yes, the events in New Zealand are awful. I suppose the only bright ray on the horizon is that it is a rich country and the survivors will be well-looked-after, unlike Haiti and Pakistan where hundreds of thousands are still suffering the after-effects;

    As for the comments on that site - that sort of remark is best ignored - I find such stupidity hardly worthy of comment.

    Hope your big event comes off well - good luck.

  4. Hi Jarmara
    I do hope it goes well too - I will be asking for some 'special help' to get me through it and I'll give some updates.

    Hi Wheelie
    You are spot on. I note that the infamous hackers 'Anonymous' have closed the site down for them.

    Hi Elizabeth
    I would indeed love to see the Northern Lights. My father was going to pay for a flight to Northern Scotland on one of these charters for a £100 a piece, but there's no guarantee that you would see anything, so I declined. One day perhaps.
    I think you are right about the comments on that site but it made me so inwardly angry at the time.

  5. Grin! Anonymous are one of those groups who's acts are somewhat questionable but their hearts are in the right place. A disparate group of individuals with a common cause - they aren't a cohesive organisation. Guess that's what the Tinternet is all about :)

    What do you need leadership training for?

    A leader is a servant that requires no reward nor recognition for his acts from anyone, but notes criticism from his peers with good grace.

    They are held in good repute, while not pandering to reputation. Trust yourself.

    Don't be nervous. You've spent yonks years being a husband, a father, making mistakes and working it through. Trust yourself friend :)

  6. Thanks Wheelie
    That's very kind. I guess in these difficult times, the more tools in box, perhaps the easier it becomes? Who knows, but the chance to hear from others who are going through hard times gives me the chance to learn lessons from others experiences.
    Kind regards

  7. Agreed. It's the heart behind that counts.