Wednesday, 2 February 2011

All Change... for the Next Stage in the Journey of Life

Today is a little bit of a sad day at work. The organisation I work for is undergoing reorganisation and is preparing for the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) cuts to kick in.

People are moving about, people are leaving of their own accord and some are taking voluntary redundancy too - thankfully, no compulsory redundancies planned.
This person works in our administration and is one of life's good people. Helpful, competent, knowledgeable, very personable indeed and smiles a lot - will go the extra mile. At least this person will be staying in the organisation, just moving to another site completely.

The place won't look or feel the same, and not necessarily for this one person leaving, but for the several others as well who have moved on.

People definitely maketh the place.

In my office alone (of four people) one has gone on maternity leave and is unlikely to come back with us as the role has gone and one of my other colleagues retires at the end of next week after 42 years of loyal local government service. Leaving two. The work hasn't gone away - well not yet anyway.

I've moved several times in my career within the organisation through promotions and development and every time you adjust to new people, new surroundings and new challenges, but nothing quite prepares you for the people you don't get to see anymore other than by chance meetings once in a Sheffield flood.

Well the weather has turned again today - rain and strong winds and according to the Met Office, there are some stronger wind warnings for the beginning of the weekend. I bottled out of washing the car by hand (not recommended for automatic car washes according to the handbook) because it was so bitterly cold last weekend. I might miss out this weekend because of the rain.

I feel sorry once more for the folk of west Australia who are now facing 180 miles per hour winds, high seas and driving rain with Cyclone Yasi. I watch that with interest and will send my thoughts to them in my meditation tonight.

By the way, if you are ever feeling the need for some distance healing and positive thoughts sending to you, never hesitate to ask. I doesn't hurt!

My wife said to me today in a reflective mood, "Oh my goodness, my boobs have gone, my stomach has gone, my bum has gone. Tell me something good about my legs."

"Blue goes with everything dear."

I never realised black eyes were so painful!

Chat soon



  1. So many of my friends are under threat of redundancy, so worrying xxx

  2. Yes, these are sad times. I am one of those people who do not like change - so I find it all incredibly disturbing, although long retired.

  3. Hi Auntiegwen
    Yes it is and no matter how good change is managed (and it isn't always by any means) it can never take away the personal worry of redundancy and what the implications are for the individual.

    Hi Weaver
    They are sad and I've known some sad times in my working life. I just worry about the consequences for many people to whom no blame can be attributed for this current financial climate (including me and many of Auntiegwen's friends)