Monday, 31 January 2011

A Long Way for a Bookcase...

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend - it was very chill and bitter here all weekend although today, it's been gloriously sunny. So much so, I caught this picture (just) as the sun went down this afternoon across a housing estate I pass on the way home.

Men should always keep their trap shut when they have bright ideas. Mine was to go and visit IKEA on Saturday having failed to find a bookcase at a reasonable price in local shops or on the Internet. I've never been to an IKEA shop in my life. I thought it was a good idea at the time but the hyper-shop was over an hour away on the motorway along the M62 corridor around the Leeds area. So off we toddled.

The shop was huge - my colleagues who are all regular attenders warned me that it was large and you followed a path with arrows. That all seemed to work fine and we spotted our bookcase fairly early on for about a fifth of the price it would have cost me in 'Next Home.' However, my other half insisted that we go round the whole shop 'you never know what we might see.' Well an hour later, I was just about fed up so I insisted on going to the canteen which was very nice (lovely bun) - however we didn't have the meatballs that everyone recommended.

Then we had to get three bloomin' large heavy containers with our bookcase and get it to the car. I asked how much it would cost to get it delivered and because we were outside the catchment area, we would be £100 poorer. So we managed to get it in the car, just and arrived home with most of the day gone.

Overall, apart from not being very interested in shopping in IKEA, I was impressed with the scale, variety and price of the stuff there. It's a shame that there wasn't a shop closer to me. I guess when it comes to kitting my lads out if and when they decide to move out, that would be a great and economic place to do it.

Now Sunday was not so successful, in that, while it was a relaxing day, I smashed a cup when I knocked it off the kitchen work surface onto the tiled floor and then I spilt a whole cup of steaming hot cappuccino on my keyboard. The third thing ('to go wrong' as the saying goes), thank goodness never materialised, but it cost me for my clumsiness, £40 for a new keyboard and mouse. Not happy.

The day however finished well with a viewing of Iron Man 2 on DVD that my son had bought a few days ago. Rollicking entertainment, a little dark in places, lots of whizz bangs and action, something we didn't have to think too hard about.

I hope you have a great and successful week.

Don't forget to say 'White Rabbit' three times for luck tomorrow morning. Goodbye January.

Chat soon



  1. You have exactly expressed my feelings on IKEA - love the stuff can;t bear the trailing round though.

    You say white rabbits do you - I just say rabbits and if I forget I have to turn round three times and say abracadabrafiddlededeegobbledegook. What strange creatures we all are.

  2. Please, tell this ill-informed American farmwife why you say "white rabbit" and why three times. we're expecting up to 20 inches of snow tomorrow so if it has something to do with good luck, I'd be most appreciative !

  3. Don't throw away that keyboard!

    Give it a good rinse under the hot tap, take it outside and give it a good shake, and store it upside-down in a warm place. Rinse, and repeat if it doesn't work. Chuck it if doesn't work on the third attempt.

    I dunno, call yourself a Yorkshireman :)


    Donna-O, yes, it's supposed to be good luck.

    If you're due 20" of snow, rabbit hotpot at 4am would be more appropriate :)


  4. Hi Weaver - that's a hell of a mouthful, but I like it.

    Hi Donna,
    I posted this on my blog on 1 May 2009 on the subject of superstitions:

    "Why 'White Rabbit?' Well its simply supposed to bring you luck and was first mentioned as folklore in an article in 1919 in the Westminster Gazette and there are many variants such as saying 'Black Cat' on the last night of the month and 'White Rabbit' on the first day of the month. Its origin is sadly unknown."

    I've said it every year since I can remember and truly believe it gives good luck!

    Hi Wheelie,
    I guess I so was so hopping mad (forgive the pun) I just couldn't be bothered. However, I still have it and might try your suggestion so I have a back up!