Saturday, 1 January 2011


I wish all the visitors to this site a happy, safe and prosperous New Year for 2011.

No New Year's resolutions this year. Last year's were mostly met in full or in substantial part, so quite successful. I'm going to do something slightly different this year and do some Cosmic Ordering.

There have also been some (relatively minor) disasters or where things have not gone to plan quite in 2010, so there's going to be a re-evaluation of me as an individual and what I want to get out of life. I've been misunderstood on one occasion (despite me being quite clear), had my trust in another dented both of which have given me a slight dip in confidence. Perhaps a more careful look at situations and perhaps follow the old advice, 'look before you leap.'

Although the New Year has started badly already with news of prison riots, floods of biblical proportions and fatal bombings, I guess because my glass is generally half full, I remain as optimistic as I can be despite the trauma of public sector cuts in the UK for the next four years. The optimism is more personal than global I have to admit, but 99% of the world is NOT made up of criminals, terrorists or anarchists and believe in the good of people to come through.

I was delighted to have seen the New Year's celebrations take place around the world on the television news and heard the fireworks and celebrations going on around where I live. This gives people the 'feel-good' factor and whilst not cheap, gives cheer and pleasure to many.

New Years eve parties when I was young were family affairs, usually at my Aunt Marjory's house. They were always full of party games, a buffet and drinks. They were great fun and I look back at them with much fondness. I haven't been to a New Years eve party, except one at my brother in laws a few years ago since I was probably 20. A long time ago.

I met the bloke who invented crosswords today. I can't remember his name, it was 'P' something, 'T' something, something something...

Chat soon



  1. Whoa. And I mean, whoa. As you and I are 'of a certain age', we don't don't suffer from crisis of confidence, because we know who we are.

    What we occasionally stumble over is that we want to achieve tho'. If I may be so bold, that requires a little definition and um, rehearsal?

    You are a Sensitive, both as a person (because you care) and spiritually, because it's what you Do.

    I'm sure you could argue their one and the same? (their isn't a spelling error). Not quite. The practical application of the gifts we have and exercise is linked to, and not entirely integrated to who we are. Does a blacksmith take his work home with him?

    He'd need an amazingly understand wife to have forge in the lounge, don't you think?

    As for people? No different from us, friend.

  2. Please forgive my grammatical errors.

  3. Hi Wheelie, speling was never my strong point either, thank goodness for spellcheckers. Thank you for your wise words. I guess my confidence isn't in crisis as such, it's just that perhaps the 'signals' one throws out are not the ones I intended to (at all) and therefore, my concern is that I have misjudged someone's else's ability to read me. Sound complicated? It means I have to be more careful that's all. I don't usually make mistakes in my readings of others, either consciously and intuitively, but there always exceptions to the rule!
    Have a good 2011

  4. Steve, I genuinely hope 2011 is a good one for you. I will have to re read my copy of cosmic ordering now xxx

    ps My internet connection keeps cutting off so you may get 3 versions of this comment!!! xxx

  5. I could do with a bit of cosmic ordering myself LS - can you send it upstream from down by the Humber Bridge?

  6. Hi Auntiegwen and Weaver - I can always send positive thoughts anywhere at all! So tonight, I'll do just that - just for you two and the rest of the bloggers! The book I have which is very interesting is by a bloke called Andronicos Andronicou via Amazon ISBN 095546690-3 'The Ultimate Guide to Cosmic Ordering' The main thing is the wishes need not be for anything material at all so we'll see how it goes, I'll be keeping a CO book to check on progress. Best wishes to you both for 2011 what you wish for yourselves