Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Time for Sober Reflection

My Healing Box.

Rain and 10 degrees plus today in a winter turnaround on the weather. Most of the mucky ice mounds are almost gone. Mucky weather reflecting the mucky things that are going on in some parts of the world today.

A colleague of mine is in intensive care through having contracted swine flu which got worse when pneumonia set in. It was touch and go I understand but I am delighted although he is still not well, he's moved to high dependency so he's on the mend - thank goodness.

A distressing news item tonight as a mother of a dead three year old little Birmingham (UK) girl who succumbed to swine flu asks a question why a jab worth just a few pounds couldn't have been given when she had asked for it and says that she could be alive today. I can't start to begin to imagine what that family is going through but my thoughts are with them tonight.

My thoughts are also with the people of the great country of Australia in and around Brisbane. 12 dead and over 50 missing according to news reports after a once in a hundred year natural event. For families whose whole life is overturned from normality their life will never, ever be the same again - it's the stuff of nightmares.

It's at times like this that any remaining faith people have is sorely tested. For religiously minded people, and there are a few who read this; I wonder how they approach this when asked (as I asked when I was a child to my parents in events of death and destruction) why does God allow this to happen. Please don't answer, and I have no explanations to offer either - I was never given a satisfactory answer.

The power of nature is beyond the wit of mankind. How can this kind of event be prevented or even mitigated against when the event is so widespread and catastrophic and so rare and unpredictable?

Of course it can't.

We have to live with it and the authorities can only do so much to prevent it; their expertise comes in in the aftermath - to protect and help the best they can with the resources they have - I wish them a great deal of luck. The public rely on them and need them.

A sombre blog to write tonight but felt I had to say what I am feeling. The realism of life brings one firmly back to earth.

I was given a gift yesterday, a little ornamental and decorated wooden box. This was on the occasion of my first anniversary of my Reiki qualification and was given to me by Maureen, my Reiki Master. This is my healing box. In it will go small pieces of paper with names of those people who need distance healing - healing for perhaps mental stress, physical discomfort and trauma - for those who need well-being or those who need to change their ways to be more positive to the vulnerable.

Tonight, there will be some more pieces of paper placed carefully in the box prior to my meditation.

Even if you don't pray, believe in God or a greater being, please send your thoughts to those who are suffering.

Chat soon



  1. things like this make our everyday moans and groans seem a bit insignificant really.

    The one project a month thing on my blog is run by Kris who is from Toowomba.

    Well done on your 1st anniversary for your qualification, what a lovely gift, the box is beautiful.

    Josie x

  2. What a lovely idea the healing box is, and what a beautiful piece of kit. I hope my name never needs to go in there, but it's nice to know it's there in case it ever does. :-)

  3. Hi Josie
    You are so right! It sort of puts things into perspective. My work colleague visited Toowomba when he visited this spring and he's devastated to see it like it is. Thanks

    Hi Diane
    I hope it's going to be a useful piece of kit.

  4. How very, very beautiful, and the heart and skill that went into building it.

    But more, how wonderful and encompassing the joy it enables. You can't beat a Gift like like that. Or to put it another way - Ay' up mate, smart...