Tuesday, 4 January 2011

There's a moose, loose aboot this hoose

I've got a mouser in the house.

My male cat brought in what I thought was a leaf tonight about 8.10 pm. Until that was, the leaf decided to run under the settee disguised as mouse. No amount of hunting could find it so I settled down to continue watching TV

Half an hour later, I saw this mouse run across the skirting board behind the television. The nearest thing to hand was a sleeping female cat so I promptly and unceremoniously dumped her behind the television with strict instructions to catch it. She equally as promptly began to wash herself and ignored me and the mouse completely.

When the programme finished at 9 pm, my wife put both cats round the television and started moving things about which drove out the mouse into the waiting sharp eyed path of the female cat who pounced and caught it in a millisecond. The male cat sat stock still, bemused by the whole fast moving drama.

The mouse did not survive the incident. We are used to mice. We've had several over the years but not had any for about two years, so having successfully rid the house of mice, I was cheesed off (excuse the pun) to say the least that the plaything the male cat brought in was going to be a source of annoyance until we caught it. .

"Hoots mon, there's a moose, loose aboot this hoose*" Roughly translated: 'Dear me my good fellow, we seem to have a small rodent of the genus Mus musculus meandering with gay abandon within our domicile.'

*Thanks to Lord Rockingham's Xi

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  1. Having been with cats all afternoon I can grin at the male cat's lack of interest. We have two cats in the shelter who have learned to knock over their kibble dish as I am about to leave the room, if they still want more attention! (I'm a cat socializer). At least it's only food that has to be cleaned up unlike others who use other methods, not intentionally I'm sure. Did more cleaning today than socializing even though it's not my job.

  2. Our cats seem to be totally disintered in mice - they only go for rabbits - plenty of those around even in mid-Winter.

  3. Hi ChrisJ
    Cats are very entertaining and funny without them knowing it.

    Hi Weaver
    We had a cat many years ago who caught a seagull and almost succeeded in pulling it through the cat flap before it flew off. A least you could eat rabbits

  4. Aww poor mouse and typical cats ;)

  5. Hi Val
    I know - it looked so cute too.

  6. You're lucky - our elder cat of indeterminate age brings them in alive from a field nearby, and if they try to run off, brings them back and tries to breast-feed them. The poor things admit defeat and hide shivering under my Wheels :)

    Oh, by trial and error, I found wild mice hate cheese - happiness is milk chocolate.....

  7. Hi Wheelie
    We eventually discovered that chocolate is their favourite, it was the only thing that set the traps off!