Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Can you Answer this Survey Sir...

As is my normal custom, I welcome a new follower to this humble rambling, Donna OShaughnessy who describes herself as a middle aged farm wife from Illinois. Many happy visits Donna and when are you going to start your blog?

Many thanks to all the followers who posted a comment after my last offering, 'News, Views and Sky Sexism.' This subject of blatant publicly expressed sexism has certainly caused some debate and I am delighted that people have been able to express their views, the benefit of living in a democracy. The social talk at work is of little else at the moment.

I am having a bit of a battle, well perhaps not a battle but an exchange of words with our friends at Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (US equivalent - Internal Revenue Service). I am getting tax correspondence for someone with a similar but not exactly the same name as me using my address. The National Insurance number isn't mine and the references to owning a company are certainly not me. I have written two letters, made two lengthy phone calls and yet the mail still arrives. I am hoping that this sorts itself out soon, I don't want any tax problems the 'other' person has landing on my doorstep!

Interestingly, when I pointed out that I had received a tax bill for underpaid tax earlier last year (as did millions of others) I have now asked if this 'other' person being classed as living at my address has caused this. This stirred some interest. Perhaps they are now worried they may lose money. I await the outcome with interest and hopefully I might be a couple of thousand quid better off.

Now then, surveys are very interesting. I fill them in at work, 'Are you happy' type surveys and I fill them in for some Internet sites I visit, 'What do you think of the site - how can we improve it,' type. I used to fill in shopping surveys and received vouchers for obscure goods I'd never buy in return for my trouble. Interestingly, especially the shopping surveys, it's amazing the details you give away about yourself, almost everything except your inside leg measurement (31" - there, you have it all now.) This is something I won't do anymore for fear of identity theft, but I guess over the years, the damage has been done. My habits, preferences, loves, dislikes all laid bare for the sake of the chance of winning the elusive prize that no-one ever checks is genuine or ever won.

So, I was interested when I was watching the TV advert for a well know female facial beauty product, that on the bottom of the screen there was a strap line that responded to the claim that it made you look younger that, "68 out of 100 women agree." Now I don't know whether or not this is supposed to be a requirement of the advertising standards authorities, but if it isn't, why would you want to advertise that actually, 32% of women think your product is rubbish!

Anyway, I was sent a survey result today that I know you discerning bloggers will be interested in.

Forgive the subject matter, but it was a survey for women about their 'bums,' (it was actually 'arses', but I'm trying to raise the tone here.)

When asked about their bums and whether or not they liked them, 30% of women said they thought their bums were too fat.

10 percent of women said that they thought their bums were too thin.

60 percent of women said that they don't care, they loved him, he's a good man and they wouldn't trade him for the world.

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  1. Ooops! You got me there. Wasn't expecting that punchline! Good one!

  2. I often wonder what surveys actually tell us because I am convinced that people do not always tell the truth on them anyway.

  3. Hi ChrisJ
    Glad you enjoyed it!

    Hi Weaver
    I think you are right, people tell the surveyor whatever they want to hear - particularly if there's a prize to be won!