Monday, 28 February 2011

Film Fun

Tonight I write this blog from my room in south east Coventry as I go through the last week of three of my leadership course. A comfortable room with power shower, TV and Internet connection, the view is less satisfactory as it overlooks a caravan storage park. Small cheese, I never look out of the window. It's not home from home, but it's good for four nights.

Tonight however, for a break I went to the pictures at the Showcase in Coventry to see Paul starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and an Alien called 'Paul'. This is a fun road movie with two nerdy Englishmen who are on an alien trail across south of the USA. A car crash one night unites them with the said alien who happened to be driving a car (badly) whilst escaping from 60 years of incarceration by the American authorities. No spoilers here, but once over the shock of meeting Paul they embark on a chase across the countryside coming across ridiculous and hilarious situations.

There is excellent support from Seth Rogen as the voice of Paul, Kirsten Wiig, Jason Bateman and a cameo from Sigourney Weaver.
The film should be enjoyed for what it is, fun, daft comedy, good script, juvenile humour and LOTS of swearing. The film will never win an Oscar but it's good value light entertainment with excellent CGI. Recommended.

Back to the course. The day started with meeting some new people and being reunited with some familiar faces. This is a week which brings together everything that we've learned in the previous two weekly modules. This week will finish with a 'hydra' exercise. This is a live exercise which last two days where a team of four will act as a senior management team dealing with a critical incident (a serious reputation damaging incident) hoping to bring it to a successful conclusion using all the skills and abilities at our disposal. Theory into action.

We worked on 'command and control' issues today and how to construct strategic plans. We did an exercise on negotiation and tomorrow we'll look at risk and a bit of historical context.

Well, it's late and I've got an hours work before turning in.

Chat soon



  1. Ah yes the management "retreats" as we would call them here. A decade of my life that serves me and haunts me still. I may be the only farmer in our parts who insists on mtg with her partner (the husband) every morning and yes we have an agenda. Its not even hidden. God bless my husband who talked me into leaving the corporate world for the farm. Regrets ? I'm sure HE has many :)

  2. Hope you have a great time, RLS.

  3. Hi Donna
    What a brave person you are - corporate to farm. In all seriousness, I guess farming is now as it always was - bl00dy hard work; so to be a success, you need structure and a plan so I admire your business tenacity. The point is - have YOU any regrets? Thanks as always for the comments

    Hi Jarmara
    It's hard work (well cerebrally anyway) but there are lots of good people here and so it is indeed enjoyable. Take care

  4. Ah regrets, I have few..a few million. I regret I did not start my book sooner so there would be a little more income to replace my nursing salary, I regret that I did not tell more patients what their doctors were NOT telling them (oh I told several but could've been more) I regret that I did not sit down more with patients instead of rushing off to do the ridiculous paperwork. I regret the long hours away from home but seriously I have no regrets about coming to the farm full time. The animals tolerate me better than my staff did.