Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Marching on...

White rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit.

I don't normally sleep very well when I'm away in strange beds, but for some reason, I've been sleeping exceptionally soundly. Having said that it is so bitterly cold, grey, damp and miserable, snuggling in makes sleeping easy. No luxury of a hot water bottle in the second floor room, but the central heating takes the worse of the cold off.

Today started with an reflection lesson on yesterday's course content, what did you find most interesting, what was most useful and what will we take back to the work place and why. We then spent the morning on Risk Management. Although this is my area of business, I always learn something new and I was able to contribute something to the course and help colleagues who don't normally deal with risk consciously (they deal with risk as part of their thinking every day, but not in s structured or writing it down.)

This afternoon we did some research on the major events over the last ten years that has affected and changed our society or our attitudes and then contextualised this to our business today to know how we got to where we have.

We had a briefing on our 'hydra' exercise which will take place over the next two days working in a tight team of four, making decisions and justifying them on fast moving dynamic situations which will last for a whole two days. I think lots of coffee, which I haven't been drinking too much of will be taken in copious quantities or the next 48 hours.

I will hopefully visit the cinema tomorrow to see the film True Grit, but I'll see how tired I am. Tonight is a lazy night in my room and I will be researching Archangels and Ascended Masters and Angels with a view to helping out in a healing group using my Reiki qualifications. This is an exciting new departure in my spiritual life and Angels come into it because my colleague healers will be asking assistance from certain Angels who can facilitate and strengthen healing.

I hope you are having a good week so far?

Chat soon



  1. It sounds very interesting. I'm glad your week has been better than mine so far. Thanks for your comment on my blog I know exactly what you mean x

  2. Hi Val
    Thx for the comment - take care