Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Team Work

The sun nearly came out today in Coventry, and when we got locked into our syndicate rooms, it briefly shone, for what seems like the first time in yonks (ages.)

Our course has now moved into heavy testing mode with dynamic heavy scenarios being thrown at us, a team of four acting as a management team. Although I can't discuss the content, most of it would make your hair curl. We have to use all the tools and business models in the arsenal to manage difficult multiple concurrent situations (loads of problems happening at once.) The important thing is that I am so lucky in working with three other people who are great personalities and consummate professionals allowing us, as a team to produce considered and rational decisions.

We all take our turn as team leaders and decision makers with others acting as loggists writing things down and acting as tactical advisers. Life sometimes can be really interesting and so far I haven't let myself or my team down. Small mistakes yes, but made in good faith and with no real consequences. These are learning points in a safe environment with no damage to anyone.

I was going to see True Grit at the cinema tonight, but I thought I'd read some reviews and frankly I was a bit surprised and disappointed in them. So much so, I'm not going to bother. I was told the film was not a remake of the original classic starring John Wayne as Marshal Rooster Cogburn. In fact it was based on the book and consequently the reviewers indicate that if you loved the original, you shouldn't see this one because of the differences and alternative interpretations of the incidents within the story.

There is much more blood and gore apparently and what someone described as a 'dark and sullen ending'. I'm in the mood to be entertained and uplifted so I won't go and have my love of the original changed. The only other films are animations with PG categories and I don't want to be sat with kids tonight.

Rest, and packing my bags ready to depart tomorrow night for home is in order I think. Enjoy the rest of your week

Chat soon



  1. I was in Coventry last night!!!! I drove to B and Q after driving to all the Leicester stores and Northampton for 2 rolls of blooming wallpaper!!!!

    I wish I'd been at the pictures with you xx

  2. Hi Auntiegwen - what a shame, would have been lovely to meet you plus the cinema was virtually empty! The Ben & Jerries would have been on me!